Mini-Research Mission

by Tyrese Bryant, Block 1/2, May 11, 2015

What are the effects of unfair treatment of men and women in a particular country?

Effects and Proof


Effect 1: Men have full over everything power

Citation 1: Men can roam around freely (26)

Citation 2: Men were aloud to flirt but women couldn't and parents poison there girls if they were to flirt, because it brings shame on the family (66)

Citation 3: I was a girl in a land where rifles are fired in celebration of a son while a daughter are hidden away behind a curtain, their role in life simple to prepare food and give birth to children (13)

Effect 2: Girls are unappreciated as much as men are

Citation 1: In the morning when my father was given cream or milk, his sister's were giving tea with no milk. If there were eggs, They would only be for boys when chicken slaughtered for dinner the girls would have the wings and the neck while the luscious breast meat (29)

Citation 2: women weren't able to go outside unless they had a man present even they were 2 years old (13)

Citation 3:


Effect 1: Gender plays a major role on how women dress

Citation 1: Women have a punishment of paying $100 and 40 lashings if they don't dress the right way.

Citation 2: Women covered there bodies until there ankles

Effect 2: Girl's don't have the best life

Citation 1: The law mainly targeted women about what they would wear

Citation 2: Women have been isolated from males


Effect 1:women should be scared for there lives

Citation 1: Average women in Afghanistan women usual only live until 45

Citation 2: Most of the brides are under 16

Effect 2: The law mainly targeted women

Citation 1: Safia was women that was kidnapped and beating and verbal abused

Citation 2: 85% of women aren't educated

What I Learned:

I've learned that all country aren't the same and that women do not have the best life in other country and girl have to stay home and cant go out unless they have a man by there side no matter what age they are. that girls can be killed for no reason. They can be killed for not covering there whole body.

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