Abydos Boot Camp

3 days of learning, writing and collaborating!


Over the last two years SFDRCISD has provided Abydos training through a 12 day workshop for over 120 teachers. The teachers have experienced a new way of writing and have become authors themselves. Lena, Brad, Megan, and Mike brought their love of writing and transformed the writing of students from 26 lines to writing pieces worthy of publication. The district dedication to the implementation of the Abydos project into every ELA classroom continues with a third cohort this summer and 3 day boot camps that will enhance teachers’ implementation into their classrooms.

3 day Abydos Boot Camp Agenda

Abydos Boot Camp Enrollment

Bootcamps will be enrolled in 6 sessions with Megan Hutchinson as the instructor:

Three A.M. sessions & Three P.M. sessions

July 11th - 13th AM Session (9 am -12 pm)

July 11th - 13th PM Session (1 pm - 4 pm)

July 14, 15, & 18th AM Session (9 am -12 pm)

July 14, 15, & 18th PM Session (1pm - 4 pm)

July 19-21st AM Session (9am - 12 pm)

July 19-21st PM Session (1pm - 4 pm)

To be enrolled contact Jennifer Sutton via email Jennifer.sutton@sfdr-cisd.org

There will be 15 slots per session. SLOTS are limited! Teachers will be paid $25.00 an hour to attend this training opportunity.