Greekly News

By: Rosalba Aldrich Perez

Greek of The Week

This weeks Greek of the week is… Zeus! Zeus the god of the sky and god of rain! Whoo!!!! Zeus is an all powerful god. Zeus’s Roman name is Jupiter how funny. He is strong very strong indeed, he has the power to throw lightning bolts. Isn’t that cool? Zeus is son of Cronus and Rhea and brother of Poseidon (god of the seas.) One of Zeus’s greatest achievements was winning the Titan war and banished to Tartarus a place below the underworld. And that’s only one of his achievements there are still many more but for now that’s it.

New Olympic Event

Jump roping. I think that jump roping should be an Olympic sport because almost all professional athletes use jump ropes to train for their event. And even people who aren't professional Olympians still jump rope for their sport, like football players they aren't professional Olympians but they still use jump ropes to train for their events. That’s why I think jump roping should be Olympic event.

The Arts

  1. - For many people food was a scarce thing to find but in some places it isn’t. And for ancient Greece it was sometimes and sometimes it wasn't. Many people in ancient Greece had Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Breakfast was eaten just after sunrise, Lunch was probably eaten during the afternoon or somewhere around that time, and Dinner was the main meal. At Dinner people ate vegetables, fruit, fish, and sometimes honey-cakes. They drank wine and it was watered down to drink.
  2. - The Art of ancient Greece was a very creative time during the ancient Greece times. Many people during this time were very talented people they could paint, some could make pottery, some can mold metal, and some liked building sculptures. The Minoans were those people who really loved art and they loved to paint and draw and do all sorts of stuff they really enjoyed art. They enjoyed it so much they loved it.


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  1. Hippocrates is one of the most famous scientists that ever lived. He is sort of famous for the Hippocratic Oath people have to take in order to pass college or something to be a scientist. The Hippocratic Oath is something that future scientists have to say in order to pass their “class” and to become a scientist or something along those lines. It’s pretty much making people say that they will follow the rules and be a good citizen to the world.
  2. Herophilus is a physician from ancient Greece and he studied the function of nerves and made important discoveries of the brain. He was a really great one too he was one of the first ever to find out things about the brain. He was taught from another Greek physician named Galen he was also another great physician along with Herophilus. And Herophilus, Galen, and other physicians made the city Alexandria, Egypt become one of the main cities for learning.


Some people have been asking why hasn’t Medusa’s snakes growled at anybody in her hat? And here it is… They don’t growl because they aren’t real! They are said to be fake snakes that Medusa says are snakes. She says that she will turn you into stone but she hasn’t turned one person into stone at all. She is tricker she lied to you she wouldn’t turn anybody into stone. Toon in next week to find out more at
Some people have reason to believe that Zeus has been ordering “thunder bolts” from his special tailor. His tailor makes cats die and he has orders from Zeus to make his special bolts for invincibility because cats have the “invisible” nine lives to live. That’s what Zeus is doing that’s horrid why cats?

And That's the End...