Perkins' Pieces #6


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Thank you for all you do for our community. During this season of gratitude, I hope we each make time to be thankful for each life we serve as educators and for teachers who cared about us. Never underestimate your influence. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and takes some time to rest.

A Piece on World Events

When tragedy strikes, it is often difficult to know how to handle discussion or questions with our students, especially if we have experience with a specific kind of tragedy that is front page news (for example, how do you talk about Paris if you have close ties to the 9/11 attacks?).

Common Sense Media has this great piece on how to cope.

Inquiry Pieces

Teachers & Writers Collaborative Digital Resources (a great place for creative ideas and models for student writing)

Writing Samples / Anchor Papers for all of the CC Standards (a goldmine for showing students models and exemplars and making them dig deeper with providing evidence for claims in their writing for all genres and grade levels)

Doing Data Right (from ASCD - how to use data for inquiry)

Question Stems for Middle School ELA (thanks to Angie Hegwer, 6th grade at SLMS)

Stirring Students to Ask (and answer) Tough Questions (via Edutopia)

Future Ready Pieces

College Prep Websites (to help kids research)

The New SAT (from NY Times via Dr. Bryan)

ACT and SAT Comparison (from AVID Leadership Newsletter)

Family Reading Experience (powered by Kindle via PTA)

Joanna's Piece

A friend of mine shared this anonymous quote with me recently, and it really hit home: “Sometimes you dig too deep into the details that you miss what is right in front of you.” During this time of year, I hope we take time to do what's obvious: turn on the light--literal or metaphoric. Enjoy the children right in front of us, and follow our instincts to do what we know will help them succeed. Thanksgiving is a milestone for all teachers, not just new ones! It means the honeymoon phase is over, but it also means we really are in our groove and there are lots of lights at the end of the proverbial tunnel for us. Stay strong and keep opening doors to more than a diploma: read, write, and inquire! Relationships matter--that's where the light resides.

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion
Literacy Resources

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