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I need your help on how to wright my Locomotion. Also does the letter have to be about locomotion or about the advice letter? Does the page be half a page or a whole page? Also do we have to make just like a letter or does it matter, because I would like to know so I don’t get it wrong? It’s better to get it right the first time so you don’t have to do it a second time? Do we also have to give advice or do you only get advice? If that’s complicated the do you not me, give advice letter. So do we have to give advice to or no, because I would not want to restart all over again? Also if we do have to give advice then do we have to do it on the same paper or can we do it on a separate piece of paper? Do we have to put a date on it and do we have to have title?

P.S. Do we have to have are name on it?

From you friend: James Peterson