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Welcome Incoming Freshmen Class of 2027!

Greetings from the Visual Arts Department. Here is a list of teachers and classes. All freshmen are welcome to take any Introduction- level class and AP Art History. Most art classes are A-G approved and can fulfill one Fine Art requirement needed for graduation. You can look through Intro- level art classes to start your art journey at Santiago HS.

Paul Auksztulewicz: Ceramics 1 and 2

Tami Lincoln: Graphic Design 1 and 2

Michell Min: Drawing and Painting 1 and 2, AP Art History (Dept. Chair)

Carrie Turang: Drawing and Painting 1

Stewart VanBuskirk: Visual Arts 1 and Drawing and Painting 1

Brice Wilson: Animation 1 and 2, AP Art and Design (2D, Drawing, 3D)

*Michael Solis: Digital Photo 1 and 2

*Carl Gauss: Video Production 1 and 2

We are excited to offer Art Pathways to acknowledge students who excel in the Visual Arts. Please browse through the different classes to see what may interest you as you plan out courses towards graduation.

*Dual CTE Pathways

Here is a look at our Visual Arts Pathways

Seniors will be awarded cords to wear during graduation. If you have any questions about Art Pathways. Feel free to contact our Dept. Chair
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Congratulations to Visual Arts Seniors Class of 2022!

On 4/21 and 4/22 we celebrated the achievements of seniors who completed visual arts pathways. Congratulations to these seniors.
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This is a look into our classrooms from the student's perspective. We are proud of our programs and offer a wide- range of creative experiences.
Visual Arts Video 2023

Student Artist of the Month 2022


This class is open to all grades, including Freshmen!

Have you or will you take AP World, AP Euro, AP Art Studio or just interested in Art History? This is the class for YOU! This is a college-level class in Art History. No drawing experience required and fulfills a fine art credit. Students will examine 250 works of art, this includes; architecture, paintings, archaeological finds, sculpture and drawings from all over the world. Looking at the elements of art and principles of design students will investigate artist intention along with historical and cultural contexts. Passing the AP Art History test with a 3 or better is the equivalent of a two-semester college-level art history survey course, covering art from the Paleolithic era through today.

For more Information, contact Mrs. Min in P210



This class is open to 10-12th grades and is a college level class in Studio Art.

There are 3 sections.

Drawing includes pencil drawings or digital with attention to mark-making

2-D Art and Design includes color and other materials working on a flat surface including digital

3-D Art and Design includes any sculptural work, example: Ceramics.

Creating a portfolio of artwork from the elements of art and principles of design, students submit artwork as part of the AP Art and Design Exams. Passing the exam with a 3 or better is the equivalent of a two-semester college- level studio art class.

* This course requires teacher approval and a portfolio review

For more Information, contact Mr. Wilson


Sign up for Graphic Design next year!

Why is Graphic Design an Important Course to Take?

There are countless ways to use the skills learned in the Graphic Design class to meet your future goals, whether you follow an artistic route or choose another path.

1. Graphic Design fulfills the “F” requirement of the A – G, CSU/UC college entrance requirements and you will be gaining skills that are of utmost importance in today’s ever changing technologically advanced job market.

2. In Graphic Design you will learn about the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design, color theory, typography, photography, and gain familiarity with popular creative software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator as well as several Microsoft applications.

3. Graphic Design employs the “4 C’s”: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. These are the basic skills that business leaders from all disciplines feel are necessary for their current and future workforce. They want people who are lifelong learners, are literate, can analyze information, generate innovative ideas on their own, collaborate well with other people, and can communicate clearly.

4. You will produce projects that encourage the exploration of the graphic arts using your own creative potential that combines art and technology to communicate new and unique ideas through research, brainstorming, development, and quality design. And you will also learn to interact with peers, instructors, as well as colleagues and clients using both written and verbal communication skills for proposals and presentations.

5. Graphic Design will help you strengthen and widen your perceptions of the world around you, improve your observational skills, better your time management skills, improve on problem solving skills, and develop better people skills.

Of special note:

In California it is estimated that one in ten jobs is related to the creative industries. Those numbers will only increase as companies expand their digital presence and social media takes over the business world. And, even if your college and career path is not the visual arts, the Graphic Design class will help you build a solid knowledge base to help better equip you for countless other career options, many of which do not even exist yet

Mr. Wilson's Animation Class

Animation 1A/1B will introduce students to the beginning principles of traditional 2D animation and to the various technology and materials used in the production of this art form. The purpose of the course is to develop awareness and appreciation of the art of animation and to provide opportunities for creative expression using the tools and technology of animation.

Animation 2A/2B will present students the advanced principles of traditional cel animation and to the various technology and materials used in the production of this art form.

The course offers a foundation for those students who wish to pursue careers in animation, film, fine art or related fields. Students will maintain a portfolio containing drawn cels, model and turnaround sheets, storyboards, background paintings, and digital animation recordings. This class is the prerequisite to Animation 2A/2B.
Blake MBx
Sanabia Porscha Fx5
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Mrs. Turang's Drawing and Painting Class

My drawing and painting classes have been working hard on learning how to draw portraits, creating a grid drawing, shading to make things look realistic and one-point perspective. They are busy learning the importance of compositions and have been creating some great artwork! Drawing and Painting is a beginning class for students to learn the basics and to explore different art mediums. Next semester we will be painting, doing watercolor, pastels, mixed media, and even painting some sculptures. The main focus of drawing and painting is for students to enhance their creativity and to allow for self-expression! We offer level 2 drawing and painting as well as AP Studio Art.
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MR VAN BUSKIRK's Visual Arts Class

Stewart Van Buskirk is our newest teacher in the Visual Arts Department, teaching Visual Arts 1 & 2, as well as Drawing and Painting 1. This is his 16th year in teaching, with the last 4 years being spent at Orange Grove High School, one of CNSUD’s Alternative Education sites. Along with teaching Visual Art, he has also taught Photography, Ceramics, Yearbook, and art in Adult School.

Stewart has a MA in Art Education from Azusa Pacific University, a BA in Drawing and Painting from Cal State Fullerton, and an AA in Studio Art from Golden West College. He also has another AA in Graphic Design from Westwood College of Technology and spent 8 years working in the design field prior to teaching and has continued to freelance ever since.

He and his wife have been married for 23 years, they have 3 daughters ages 22, 19, and 17 along with 1 son, age 13. Outside of school he just wants to be active, doing things outdoors. “That’s where are the fun stuff is”, says Stewart. Riding his bicycle a couple of evenings during the week and long rides on Saturday mornings are now his main form of exercise for physical and mental health.

In his Visual Arts and Drawing and Painting Classes, his students have been learning about the Elements of Art and some of the Principles of Design. They are currently working on an assignment that deals with composition, or how to arrange the elements within the drawing for maximum impact.

Mrs. Min's Drawing and Painting and AP Art History Classes

Happy October and Fall Season.

AP Art History class carved out a pumpkin of The Scream for a Spirit contest. The deadline to register for the AP Art History Exam is quickly approaching Nov. 7th.

Drawing and Painting has been working on still-life shading with colored pencils

For Halloween I dressed up as Yayoi Kusama a famous Japanese artist who has an obsession with patterns especially polka dots. Here is some information about this important contemporary pop artist.

Student Alumni Highlight: Graciela Eastridge Class of 2020

Graciela received the Art Department Senior Award in 2020 for her Excellence in the Visual Arts. This is what she is up to now. She was the illustrator for a newly published book "Follow Me, Cancer Free" Read more about Graciela and her life after Santiago HS.
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Every year the district hosts a a Festival of the Arts Show that highlights student work.
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