Glorious Revoltuion

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What was the Glorious Revolution?

The Glorious Revolution was when James II sucked at being the king so bad that the parliament asked for William of Orange, who was married to a royal family member, Mary, to come and become king. When William went to fight James II, almost all of James' army had deserted him because he prosecuted protestants a lot and was in general a bad leader and a prick. This gave the Glorious Revolution its name, because it was a bloodless revolution, and in all the confusion James II escaped to France.

Charles II

Charles II is a king that tries to do whatever he wants but parliament tries to limit him, he is connected to the glorious revolution in that his brother would be a horrible king and Charles is unable to produce male heirs with his wife, so he marries his daughter Mary to the Protestant William of Orange. He is related to the glorious revolution because his actions led to a way to get rid of James II.
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James II

He was a horrible king, he abused his power and had protestants prosecuted, he also ignored parliament and did whatever he wanted, he was a very firm believer in the divine right of kings. He is related to the Glorious Revolution no one wanted him as the king and tried to find any alternative.
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William and Mary

William and Mary invaded Britain at the behest of the British parliament to chase out James II, when James II tried to fight his army left him, so there was no fight over the British throne, making this a bloodless, therefore glorious, revolution. They were related to the Glorious Revolution because they were the leaders of the revolution.
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Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell was the leader of the democratic movement in Britain during Charles I reign, had Charles I beheaded, was the only leader of England of non-royal blood, in his old age he became senile and power hungry. He is related to the Glorious Revolution because he set a precedent for revolution succeeding.
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Impact of the Glorious Revolution

the Glorious Revolution impacted the rest of the world mainly through the United States, the English Bill of Rights was a kind of example for the colonies as well as the rebellion in England led colonists to think, "if they can rebel, why can't we?" which led to the American revolution