Community Service Deadline

Submit your form by April 15th!

Required each year!

All Crosby Scholars must complete a minimum of 2 hours of Community Service each school year. Students can volunteer through any non-profit organization. Make sure to bring a copy of the CROSBY SCHOLARS COMMUNITY SERVICE FORM and have it signed by an adult supervisor, who isn't a family member.

Spring Break is the perfect time to get out and serve! Or, maybe you've already done volunteer work this year with another group - that counts for Crosby Scholars, too!
Just remember to fill out the form, have it signed, and turn it in by April 15th.

Need ideas? Here's a few:

How to turn in your form

Make sure to submit your completed form by April 15th in one of these ways:

  • Fax to 704-762-3513
  • Scan & e-mail to
  • Scan & upload to your Crosby Scholars portal under My Documents
  • Mail to Crosby Scholars, 225 N. Main St, Suite 102, Salisbury, NC 28144
  • Or turn in your form to the guidance office at school
Have questions about what qualifies?

Read the Community Service section of our website to answer what won't qualify!