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September 30, 2021

Online Curricular Resources & Logins

Teachers can find details about teacher and student login on the D15 Curriculum Resources 21-22.

Some programs have changed the methods used and materials available for online access. Please submit a help desk ticket to Data Services if your login is not working as expected.

Permanent Subs, Interventionists, and Instructional coaches now all have access to SAVVAS. You should be able to log on through EasyBridge using your CCSD15 credentials.

GoGuardian-- Not just for virtual teaching!

In the last month we’ve been having great conversations with teachers about managing classrooms now that we’re back in person. One reminder is that when your students are using their Chromebooks, you can use GoGuardian Teacher to interact with students, keep them on track using Scenes, facilitate learning by opening tabs, and so much more.

Check out our GoGuardian Resource page, which has resources for teachers who are getting started, those who want to dig into more advanced skills, and PAs who may be supporting students. Remember, you can import your Google Classroom directly into GoGuardian, which will quickly allow you to create classes and connect with your students.

This powerful tool is a great resource that can really help you support and monitor students-- whether in person or learning concurrently.

Tutorials, Support, Resources and more!

As the Instructional Tech team is visiting schools, we’re having lots of great conversations about ways to increase student engagement, personalize learning, and promote critical thinking and creativity. Check out the Instructional Technology Team's Google site for support on tools like Sora, Pear Deck, BrainPOP, Parlay, WeVideo, and more! If you have a specific challenge you need help with or just want to brainstorm ideas, submit the Instructional Technology support form, and we’ll be in contact soon.

Successmaker Login Support Resources

Need additional support with SuccessMaker? Watch this informative video starring D15’s very own Mary Ruddy! Thank you to Mary for helping our SAVVAS rep craft this very helpful SuccessMaker video!

We are asking that all K-5 teachers utilize Successmaker during their math block as a technology rotation. Students should be using this product 3 times a week for 15 minutes. When students begin this program they are automatically started on an “initial placement” pre-assessment that helps to norm where the student's understanding lies. We are asking that students are done with their Initial Placement by Sept. 30th.

UPDATED: PE Concurrent Learning Guidelines

In response to feedback from teachers and parents regarding the unique challenges of concurrent learning during P.E. instruction, the guidelines have been updated. As there are different reasons a student may be learning from home, all circumstances have been addressed. Many thanks to the teachers who provided feedback and collaborated on the UPDATED Concurrent Learning Guidelines for P.E. Highlights.

D15 Pilot Support & Grading

For the 2021-2022 school year, there are three pilot projects occurring in our district: K-5 Math, 6-8 Science, and 7-8 English Language Arts. As we explore the differing features of pilot programs and corresponding levels of student growth in learning, students may have different materials, homework and grading practices during this time. The district is working with pilot teams to develop and support assessment practices. Information will be shared in the next community digest about this work to make families aware of potential shifts in workload, work type and assessments for students in pilot classrooms.

K-6 ELA Grading

District 15 is continuing the process of implementing an updated comprehensive literacy instruction model utilizing resources from Fountas and Pinnell Classroom. Starting back in Winter 2020, the English Language Arts section of the progress report no longer includes a letter grade for grades K-6. However, the report still addresses objective measures and student growth. The district is working on developing more supports for ELA grading aligned to FPC. If you have questions, please check in with your building’s instructional coach.

CLR Binder Studies

Monthly sessions are offered virtually to explore content in the CLR Binder. These 60 minute sessions are conducted virtually. CPDUs will be offered. This is a time to interact with staff across all buildings. Please check your email for these opportunities.

October- Chapter 1: Attention Signals


We know that there are 16 cultural behaviors that are most identifiable in a school setting. This document defines those behaviors. Take a closer look at these 2 in the month ahead.

Sociocentric (VA)

“Learning by talking” Socializing with peers on feelings, ideas, and opinions. Social interaction is more valued than the content being discussed and is seen as contributing to the learning.

Misconception: talkative, chatty, disruptive, off task

Think about: Why is it important for my students to socialize during learning?

Implicit Bias: How does your bias get in the way of you infusing opportunities that validate and affirm sociocentrism?

Indirect Eye Contact (VA)

Indirect or inconsistent eye contact, looking down or away, eye rolling. We communicate with our eyes. Depending on our cultural identity, we can show disrespect/respect, and attention/lack of attention by how long eye contact is maintained.

Misconception: disengaged, not listening

Think about: How do I know my students are engaged if they aren’t looking at me?

Implicit Bias: How does your bias get in the way of you infusing opportunities that validate and affirm indirect eye contact?

Cultural Behavior #1 Eye Contact

Celebrating Instrumental Music Enrollment + A Visit from Governor Prtizker and Secretary of Education Dr. Cardona

This year, we had just over 51% of all eligible 5th and 6th graders across District 15 sign up to participate in band or orchestra! We are extremely excited about the large interest in the program and want to celebrate the efforts of our instrumental music teachers and comprehensive music teachers who helped get students participating.

We are also proud to share that we are supporting over 350 students with scholarships to participate. This means they receive an instrument and materials free of charge.

In addition to enrollment excitement, last week the band at Sundling Junior High, led by Mr. Jeff Zilke, performed for Governor Pritzker and the Secretary of Education, Dr. Cardona, as part of the Blue Ribbon recognition celebration at WRS. Congratulations to all the students and staff at Sundling!

We are so proud of instrumental music and we appreciate the continued support of the arts in District 15!

Big picture

New student research resources!

Ask your LIT about Pebble Go! and Gale databases-- new research resources available for our students to access.

They have login information, and can get your class connected!