Jessica Grose


The service is good. They get all the Disney princesses to come out and take photos and sign things. They all ways come out with a smile and are never rude. They will all ways make sure to follow the Disney motto. People never something bad to say about this restaurant.


  1. For the design of Arierl's Grotto "under the sea." .This in Ariel's land, her home, her hang out, her Kingdom. They bring scenes from the movie to life. They even have a huge seashell for pictures. They have all the princesses come and take photos.


It is important for the characters to come to life because that is the Disney land motto, the reason kids and families come to see that Disney has done it again, which is make a child believe in magic. Another reason is to keep the spirt alive, to make children think that they are talking to the real Ariel. The last reason is because it is just fun to eat somewhere where there is a Disney princess standing two feet away from you. That is why the character are important to the theme.