Inherit The Wind

Jerome Lawrence and Robert E Lee

Robert E Lee background

Born 1918 immersed himself in broadcasting, went to drake university then moved to New York in 1930 and met Lawrence in 1942 after he served in the army. They continued to become good partners.

Jerome Lawrence background

Born July 14 1915 went to ohio state. Was a part of the Wilmington news journal. And attended the California graduate school. Then went on to work with Robert e lee. They went on to become partners and create the play Inherit The Wind

Inherit The Wind summary and court case

The Scopes Monkey Trial is simular to the court case that Inherit The Wind talks about.

Scopes monkey trial

The scopes monkey trial was an American court case in which a school teacher named John Scopes broke the law by teaching evolution in school. At the time evolution was against the law to teach. Scopes was forced to pay $100 fee after he was found guilty in court.

Inherit The Wind Summary

Bertram Cates was thrown into a high stakes court case after he broke the law by teaching evolution in his classroom. He is accompanied by his students. Bertram fights the convectors by presenting the idea that he should be able to teach evolution because the country that he lives in gives him the right to think and speak along with the ability to expand knowledge. Bertram however loses and his bail is at the high price of $500