Fashion desinging

This is one of the life time to show your inner side


History when I was  4 years old I would  always trying to be fashionable especially with my  clothes .It all started when I was dressed all purple then my parents was like I was  born to be a fashion designer even since then I knew to myself I wanted to do this when I grow up .  I honestly I didn’t know something like this could happen to me  it is really amazing    my mom  got my started  to designing clothes even since then I have been inspire

Details on Fashion desinging

Subheading 1 This is   my dream becauae  they thought I was really good at doing that. ,I Started  to love doing to this because there is a show called Jane by Design it really inpsires me  job  that I would love to do  I would always desinger my friends shirts  they always loved it i mean it does take a while to do you have to be a really hard workinh person that always trys to get their work done.
Subheading 2 When I hangout with my friends their parents would always be inpressed of me that I would something like that,.  I always wonder if being a fashion desinger that would  one of  the things about being one of them you have to how  walk  on heels . That's one of the things e they do and they do a runway thoses are models you should walk back and fourth you might they it is easy but reallly you have to impressed the judges .

My thoughts on Fashion Desginging

The present   My thought of desinging is that it is a lot of work  but its so awesome to do especially desinging my own clothing line it is the best feeling in the world to something like that  in  my life . Even I get this awesome carrer  I  really thought that  people would watch other people when they desinger something and show their boss and stuff like that .