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Senseless Killing

On March 5, 1770 the redcoats opened fire on some of our colonists in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The redcoats killed at least three of us. They also killed the first African-American man in the colonies, as a result of this impending war, Crispus Attucks. WE as a nation can not stand this sort of treatment from a country using us for monetary gain. We must remove the British forces at once.

Boston Tea Party

As many of you all know the King has decided to tax us colonist's for things we do not even want and we have had enough of it. On the evening of the 16th day in December of 1773 some of our fellow colonist decided to show the king what they thought of his little "Tea Act." Those men proceeded to throw the tea into the Boston Harbor destroying the tea. This was not however without repercussion from the King himself. The king has passed a stamp act and we believe that there will be more to come.

Intolerable Acts

As a result of the Boston Tea Party we have had more acts of punishment placed upon us. Those in England may call these acts "coercive" but we feel these acts are completely intolerable. We will not take any more of this unfair treatment. They have taken away Massachusetts ability to govern itself and they have placed a tax on stamps on us as well.

The First Shot of the American Revolution

The first shots of the Revolution were fired today in the Battles of Lexington and Concord. Even though our colonial militias were severely out numbered they still managed to defeat the British forces. It is still unclear who fired this first shot. One thing is certain though, and that is that we will fight the British rule until we can fight no more.

Battle of Saratoga: An American Victory!

Not only have the Patriots defeated the redcoats in the Battle of Saratoga, they ultimately have convinced the French to enter the war. The French are now also fighting against the Brit's. We had no men captured while the British had over 6,000 men captured in the Battle of Saratoga.

Britain Surrenders

Today the British forces laid down there arms and surrendered. French and American forces marched from Rhode Island to Yorktown, Virginia. Mr. George Washington fired the first American shot at this battle. After the fighting ceased British general Cornwallis surrendered. We are officially free from the rule of Great Britain.