Career & Academic Pathways

School Year 2022-2023

Mission Statement

Through Career & Academic Pathways programming, Northern Highlands will foster an environment where all students are highly engaged and encouraged to explore educational experiences that are meaningful and relevant to their interests and lives. These experiences are meant to ensure the highest degrees of success, surpass the learning goals defined by NJ State Standards, and prepare our community members for their respective chosen careers.

Vision Statement

Through Career & Academic Pathways programming, Northern Highlands will further establish itself as a place where life-long learning skills are taught and passion is ignited. Our program reflects a strong sense of community and establishes itself as part of the fabric of the school community, internally and externally.

Approval Process - Step-by-Step!

1. Student discusses interest with Ms. Hayes, Career & Academic Pathways Coordinator and obtains proper application.

2. Student and parents sign application; return to Ms. Hayes.

3. Ms. Hayes obtains Department Supervisor approval (if applicable).

4. Ms. Hayes or Department Supervisor routes to Ms. Peterfriend, Director of Guidance.

5. Ms. Peterfriend routes to Mr. Occhino, Principal.

6. Mr. Occhino routes back to Ms. Hayes, and she will distribute signed copies to the Guidance Office and Department Supervisor.

Kimberly Hayes

Career & Academic Pathways Supervisor at Northern Highlands Regional High School

Facilitator of Alternative Learning Experiences