Self-Expressive Task

Central Idea

There is a lot of theories about the full moon affecting the behavior of animals and humans. Humans act really weird in a different way nobody will act on a normal day. Crazy calls, more births, and farming. Most people prove those theories right and some people prove those theories wrong.


These operators also say that they get more stranger calls. "We get weirder calls, stupid stuff," said Connie Kelson, a police dispatcher from Salt Lake City, Utah. One caller kept yelling, "I'm having lizards! I'm having lizards!" Another caller screamed, "The golf balls are coming! The golf balls are coming!"


Some nurses report that more women give birth during a full moon. The theory is that the moon's gravity tugs on the fluid in the womb, which helps to speed up the birth process. Other nurses say they see more births after a big storm than during a full moon.


Farmers too, have always been aware of full moons. Legend says that it is better to plant certain crops under a full moon. The Old Farmer's Almanac still advises people to "plant flowers and vegetables that bear crops above ground during the light of the moon."