FFA Open House for Hoffman

Drive-thru Open House to Celebrate Hoffman's National Office

Celebrating Miriam's Election as the National FFA Eastern Region Vice President

As most of you may know, one of our own Earlville FFA members, Miriam Hoffman, was elected to a National FFA Office during the 93rd National FFA Convention on Thursday evening of October 29, 2020. During the final 6th Session, it was announced that she would be one of six members to be selected to the National FFA Officer team for 2020-21. She will be serving as the National FFA Eastern Region Vice President and was installed as the Treasurer. She is one of eighteen other Illinoisans to hold a National FFA office and Illinois has not had a National FFA Officer since 2006-07 when another young lady served as the National Secretary. The chapter is very excited and proud to share her with the rest of the over 760,000 National FFA members for the coming year.

Please help us congratulate her during an Open House on Saturday November 21st. Due to covid-19 restrictions and not knowing what mitigations will be utilized at that point, it will be a drive-thru only reception. Please remain in your vehicles as you proceed through the line. Hoffman will be providing a Chapter Greeting and a question and answer session to the Earlville FFA Chapter prior to the event. Members will need to wear face masks and maintain social distancing during this segment.


FFA Open House

Saturday, Nov. 21st, 1-3pm

415 West Union Street

Earlville, IL

Please enter the west parking lot near the Earlville FFA Land Lab sign, drive behind the school on the gravel road and we will be located in the east parking lot. Then exit by taking a right turn out of the parking lot to help the continuous flow of traffic.

It may help to enter from the west so you are taking a right hand turn into the parking lot when arriving.

*Please remain in your car as we will be observing social distancing but you are more than welcome to roll your windows down to speak with her.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

  • 12:45 pm : Hoffman will provide a greeting to the Earlville FFA Chapter members outside behind the weight room with a Q&A to follow
  • 1:00 - 3:00 pm : Drive - thru Open House
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Classmates Quotes

Some of her classmates, past chapter officer teammates, and current officers had some thoughts and memories of going to school and once serving with a future National FFA Officer. Below are some of those remarks.

"Miriam has always been a kind human & oh so driven in terms of her work ethic. I can't remember a time where she wasn't in the tractor on the farm when we drive by. FFA is her passion & I am not surprised at all to see how far she's come as a woman, leader, and now Vice President. Miriam was always giggling & spitting out new facts about anything in our car rides to FFA events. She is a true light in this ever changing world & I am blessed to call her a friend.️"

~ McKenna Campbell, 2016-17 Chapter President, Class of 2017

"I loved going to school with Miriam. She always pushed me to be a better student because of how dedicated and hardworking she is. My favorite memories with Miriam involve us sleep deprived and hysterically laughing while working on record books or the POA."

~ Emily Cook, 2017-18 Vice President, Class of 2018

"Being in high school and on an officer team together, I've seen Miriam do a lot of things and what I take most from my time being her friend over the years is she has a way of motivating the people around her without realizing it sometimes. Her confidence and passion for success drive others to do the same."

~ Clint Eager, 2017-18 Sentinel, Class of 2018

"During my four years in FFA with Miriam, she was always 100% dedicated to FFA and always pushed everyone to be the best they could be at any sort of competition or event that we participated in with our chapter. She never had a negative comment about anything and is one of the most outgoing and inspirational people I know. Being selected to fill the role as the National FFA Eastern Region Vice President is something she well deserved and I'm glad to see and hear about her accomplishments and what the future holds for her as both my classmate and friend."

~ Carter Imel, District Ag Sales Teammate, Class of 2018

"Going to school and working along side Miriam was an honest blessing. She was very kind to everyone, and has always been willing to lay it on the table in order to get things done. I recall many times while working alongside her that she offered to come in early or stay late in order to do so, whether it be through the FFA, student council, band, or Fine Arts Club. That is just one showcase of her insistent dedication. She has also always challenged those around her to think outside the box while continuing to make great contributions herself. Miriam is an influencer, and has made an impact on so many people with her welcoming smile, her insightful words and unending passion. The first memory that comes to mind is at our officer retreat at Grand Bear Lodge. We shared a bed and stayed up WAY to late just talking and laughing about every little thing. The next morning we both got up late, planned more, and then passed out in the back seat of the van on the way home. There were many trips like this, but this one just sticks' out in my head. We also could not figure out the radio and ended up on some very strange music channels during this trip."

~ Karly VanDorsten, 2018-19 Chapter President, Class of 2019

"Miriam is one of the most fun, uplifting, and energetic people I've ever been around. Coming to meetings and events as a younger member of the chapter, she always made me feel welcome and like I belonged. I have always looked up to her because she is such a wonderful person all around and she has such a passion of both the FFA organization and agriculture. The National Officer role she has recently been given is so well deserved. She was such a great leader in not only our chapter and section but of our state as well. I'm so happy that she will now be able to share her kindness and compassion of FFA with the world, through her National Office position."

~ Avery Strohm, 2018 - Current Chapter President, Class of 2022

"Having Miriam as an incredible role model has been amazing! She is so driven and I'd be pretty satisfied with myself if I became half of the whole hearted person she is. I've never seen her without a smile on her face. The National Officer team has an incredible treasurer in their hands. "

~ Lexie Campbell, Current Chapter Secretary, Class of 2023

Election Process during the 6th Session

If you would like to rewatch or witness for the first time, the announcement of the newly elected National FFA Officer team, please click the link above that will take you to the National FFA Organization Website and the Election video.

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Earlville FFA Chapter

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out through one of the medias below and either the Earlville FFA Advisor, Mrs. Mahler, or one of the Chapter Officers will get back to you.