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Human Resources Department- January 2019

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Happy New Year!

As we venture into 2019, you may be reflecting on personal and professional goals. We value our employees and are happy to be able to provide some amazing resources through our Benefits/Wellness Team. This month's HR newsletter will feature some supports we have in place for employees to help reach some potential personal goals, an intro to TalentEd Records, as well as a few updates and friendly reminders. Thank you for being a part of the SPS team- we are looking forward to a successful 2nd semester together.

-- Dr. Liz Cooper, Director of Human Resources.

Health Risk Assessments- Sign Up Now!

HRA is a confidential way to obtain information about your health that is part of your benefits with SPS. This year, employees will also receive a $50 for participating! When you receive your results, you can follow up with your doctor/medical resources to celebrate or to discuss next steps for healthier results. Wellness Department Information and Resources.

Locations of HRA's: HRA Schedule 2018-2019

Information You Need For Your Appointment: HRA packet (to be completed and taken with you to your appointment).

2019 Benefits Guide- Medical, Dental, Vision and more!

Complete an HRA!

HRA is Complete? Gym Membership Reimbursement Options!

Did you know if you complete a HRA, one Wellness benefit is the opportunity to have a gym membership reimbursement? With the start of the new year, you might be thinking about renewing your gym membership or finding a gym. Here are some resources to consider when signing up:

For the annual allotment, please review page 8-Medical Plan Document

*Restrictions Apply- The plan does not allow reimbursement for enhanced memberships that include a "bring a friend" option, tanning or massage benefits. The plan does not reimburse for joining fees or annual enhancement fees. Remember this benefit expires at the end of each calendar year and must be renewed in December or January to count for the new year.

Claim Forms

Medpay Claim Form

Universal Claim Form

Fitness Centers

Approved Fitness Centers

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For a 2nd Year in a Row, Wellness Coaches Offered to SPS Employees!

After you have completed your HRA, if you have 3 or more Risk Factors, you have the opportunity to have a Wellness Coach through Mercy! This is at no cost to our SPS benefited employees! Click here to learn more!
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Advanced Degree?

Deadline Fast Approaching- Jan. 15!- If you received an advanced degree, please submit your transcripts to Human Resources. For reference, see Salary Schedule- pg. 4 (transcripts must be received by Jan. 15 (or Sept. 15) to advance on the salary schedule, as applicable). Please email your HR Employment Analyst when submitting an updated certificate or transcripts (30+ hours on Master's, advanced degree, etc.). Certified Employees: HR Employment Analyst- Chelsea Thompson (cnthompson@spsmail.org); Classified Employees: HR Employment Analyst- Beth Kirkpatrick (bkirkpatrick@spsmail.org). Any time a new or updated certification is obtained by the employee, it is his/her responsibility to contact HR as soon as possible as this may affect their pay or retirement. Note: This includes individuals who are in a position that doesn't require a teaching certificate, but have obtained one while working (example: paraprofessional obtained a teaching certificate).
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Now Seeking Teaching Applications for 2019-2020!

Springfield Public Schools is now actively seeking applications for teaching positions for the 2019-2020 school year! We are excited to now have a new application platform through TalentEd! The District has discontinued the use of HumanEx. We are now using an assessment for support staff, certificated staff and administrative staff called "EPI." Internal and external applicants will receive a link to complete the EPI (takes approximately 45 minutes to complete) and is an important component of the application.

By applying through the “2019-2020 SPS R-12 Educator” (for elementary and secondary teaching certifications) or “2019-2020 SPS R-12 Special Education Educators” (special education specific, elementary or secondary) postings, the potential benefits are:

  • If chosen for a SPS structured interview (will begin at the end of Jan.), applicants will have the opportunity to interview with 4 administrators (elementary or secondary specific).
  • The results of the structured interview are an important part of the screening process. Results are shared with all Elementary and Secondary Principals.
  • Application will be viewed by all administrators. For individuals currently completing student teaching, they will list their anticipated certification/graduation date in fields as appropriate on the application.

To View All Job Postings: https://spsmo.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx


https://www.sps.org/ , click on “Jobs,” “Apply Here”

For Current Employees (to view all postings and to apply for a position)

Step 1: SPS Job Postings Website

Step 2: (for Current SPS Employee): Click on “Internal” (upper right hand corner of posting page), Video: Internal Employees

Step 3: Set up your Profile Information (using your legal name, username/password of your choice & email, ideally should be your personal email).

Step 4: Apply for the position(s) you are interested in and qualified for

Step 5: Returning to Review Postings/Apply (after setting up a profile): Sign in with the username and password you created in your TalentEd profile.

Internal applicants (current employees), will receive a shorten application for every job posting and be identified as an “internal” applicant.

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TalentEd Records Now Live for Employees

TalentEd Records can now be utilized by employees to submit their letter of resignation, retirement or leave of absence (after LOA paperwork has been submitted and Board approved). As we begin implementing TalentEd Records now and in the future, more forms will be added to Records for employees to utilize to increase efficiencies and provide documentation of paperwork submitted for HR and Payroll purposes (ex: direct deposit forms, changes in W4's, etc.).

Notice of Separation Form (in Records)

Video: Logging into Recruit & Hire + Records

Log In: https://spsmo.tedk12.com/sso/account/login

Video: Locate/Complete: Notice of Separation form

Effective 1/4/19: To ease logging in, we have put “LDAP” (effective today!) in place through a collaboration with our IT Dept. and TalentEd, so logging in is as easy as using the same username (ex: rmorris) and password you have to log into your email or SPS computer/device.

The Notice of Separation serves two purposes: to provide formal documentation of an exiting employee and to “request to post” the vacancy of the exiting employee. Within 24 hrs. of notification, a “Notice of Separation” should be completed for one of the following separation reasons for an employee.

Who submits the “Notice of Separation” form?

  1. Employee


  1. The Direct Supervisor of the Employee (If employee is unable to complete)

How do I submit a “Notice of Separation” form?

  • After logging into TalentEd, toggle over to Records (blue, orange, red bars)

  • Click on “Go” next to Records

  • Blank Docs

  • Find “Notice of Separation Form”

  • Submit for self or Submit for Someone else in the district (if you are his/her direct supervisor)

  • Locate name (if for someone else) and complete down to “Direct Supervisor”

  • Click “Save Final” and it will be routed to the Direct Supervisor

  • Review after submitting: Go to the Records icon (upper left corner), click on employee’s name, click on: “HR/Payroll” folder, click on “Notice of Separation” subfolder.

  • If the employee is eligible for the Early Incentive Notice, the completed form can be attached to the Separation Form! (Note: Needs to be completed in advanced and signed by supervisor prior to submitting the Separation Form).

Note- Department Dropdown List (on form): It is crucial that the correct “Department” on the department dropdown list is chosen when completing this form.

  • If the position is funded by Special Education/Special Services, select “Special Services.”

  • If the position is funded by Title/Federal funding, select “Federal Programs.”

Ex: If the form is being completed for an elementary SPED Cross Cat teacher who resigned or transferred to another position, the department chosen on the department dropdown list would be “Special Services.”

Early Incentive Notice Reminder

Springfield Public Schools is dedicated to retain and recruit the best teachers and leaders for all of our students throughout the system. As part of our Strategic Plan, Focus 2, Goal 1: To create a culture that empowers employees and provides each student access to a qualified and effective teacher in every classroom, an effective principal in every school and an effective employee in every position, we want to show our appreciation to those who notify the district as early as possible about their intent to retire or resign. We greatly value our educators who teach our students every day; however, if we are going to lose you to, we would like to find the best fit for our students in a timely manner. We would like to have an advantage of securing the top available education talent and are committed to retaining and continuing to hire the best. For a fourth year in a row, we are offering an “Early Notification Incentive” for those in a school-based position which requires a teaching or administrative certification- teachers and principals who submit their separation notice early as listed below. The letter of separation would be active at the end of the employee’s 2018-2019 contract.

Eligible employees will be provided an opportunity to receive a:

  • $1000 Early Notification Incentive if declared in writing to Human Resources by Friday, January 4, 2019.
  • $750 Early Notification Incentive if declared in writing to Human Resources between Saturday, January 5- Friday, February 1, 2019.
  • $500 Early Notification Incentive if declared in writing to Human Resources between Saturday, February 2- Friday, March 1, 2019.

All notices must be in writing and accompany the attached Early Notification Incentive form. Send it directly to Human Resources at humanresources@spsmail.org or via interoffice mail (blue bag) to: Attention: KAC/HR Services. A copy also needs to be provided to your principal/supervisor by the stated deadline. Human Resources will email the employee to verify the letter was received. Resignations/Retirements & Early Incentives can now be submitted electronically through TalentEd Records!

Our goal is to increase the likelihood of hiring highly qualified candidates by making hiring decisions as early as possible. The goal is not to increase the number of retirements or resignations. We strive to continue to have the very best for our school community. If you have any specific questions, please contact Human Resources at 523-4647.