Roller Coaster


Mamba original

It goes up a big hill then down and then does another hill. It goes around a loop across some bumps and then it is over. Awesome!


Law of motion and circular motion the track goes around in a circle it starts and when it finishes it ends up in the same place it started.Straight line motion.The car travels forward in a straight line and backwards.

How it works

first departure it pulls the car up a hill then you go down a big hill crazy twist instead of going up another hill its a loop the ride is shaking and we swing around the loop the bumps and it wait what its going backwards


centripetal and centrifugal forces work with one pulling inward and one pulling outward so the car is balanced through the turns.And gravity keeps the car on the track.

Laws of motion

Newton's first law is used by the car keeps going until the brakes are applied.

Newton's second law is used in the mass of the cars and the acceleration of them equals the force of them on the track.

Newton's third law is used when the brakes are applied the car stops but the people jerk forward with the force of momentum. Their seat harnesses keep them from flying out of the car.