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June 11, 2021

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iReady Assessment for 9th Grade - Monday, June 14th

This Monday morning, June 14th, all 9th Graders will be taking the iReady Spring Math diagnostic. We will use the results of this to help determine if they need additional support in Math for this summer and next year, so we are asking them to do their best so that we’ll know both their strengths and where we can help them. They have been assigned to a room similar to how we set them up for the Science MCAS. Fully Remote students will take the diagnostic at home. After 1st period is over, if they have completed the diagnostic and it is confirmed that they did not rush through the work, they will return to their scheduled classes.

They will Need:

  1. Their charged Chromebook
  2. Headphones that work with their Chromebook

  3. Something to write with

Each student has received these instructions in their school email. Their email also contains a link to a Zoom where, at 8:30 am on Monday, I will provide additional instructions. If they have questions while they are taking the diagnostic, they can rejoin the Zoom and I will be available to help.

As a reminder:

  • Their username is their school email address.
  • Their password is their school email password.
Big picture

ON MONDAY, when we are ready to begin the diagnostic they can CLICK HERE TO LOG IN TO I-READY.

After they log in, they will see this:

Big picture

They will click on + | - Math and begin their work.

Thank you, and we'll see them on Monday for iReady at 8:30 am., either in their assigned room for in-person students, or online for fully remote students.

Information Session: April 2022 Trip to Europe

We wanted to let you know about a travel opportunity available to all WHS students for April 2022 vacation week. We will be traveling to several historic European cities including Berlin, Prague, Budapest, and Krakow!

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity for your children, Mr. Buck from the Social Studies department is holding an online information session on Thursday, June 17th at 6:00pm. Registration is required to receive the zoom link. Please register here:

We would love to see you there!

Guidance Update

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