Christmas in Honduras

Stephen Elwell

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Honduran Christmas

People in Honduras have a few different traditions when it comes to celebrating Christmas. However, they also have many similar traditions as well. The Honduran Christmas is a very special and holy day in the year and many families are able to join together and celebrate.

Christmas Clothes

One tradition they have is that the day before Christmas, many families go to stores to buy new Christmas clothes to wear on Christmas Day. This helps local businesses in small towns as well as the malls in larger cities in Honduras. Families who cannot usually afford clothing look forward to this time to but new clothes to dress up for the whole family to see.



Families and friends gather the night before Christmas to watch the magnificent fireworks show that is presented locally. In previous years families were able to buy their own fireworks and have their own shows, but with the number of home fires increasing the sale of fireworks was prohibited and local shows are presented instead. Families spend time with their loved ones as they watch the sky being illuminated by the amazing light show.
Christmas in Honduras


This is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Families across the country set up the Nativity scene within their homes that depict Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus as well as animals and others. This scene is put together throughout the month of December as the events happened in chronological order. Jesus is finally put into the manger at midnight on Christmas.
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