Study Skills!!!

Steps on how to study!

Step 1: Manage your time!

Take time to yourself whenever you can to study whats hardest for you. Make a schedule to make time for you to study and with something that will work with whatever you do in the day time.

Step 2: Study for 20-50 mins.

You must study at least for 20-50 mins everyday. Get less sleep and more study time! You can take breaks once in a while for 5-10mins., but while your on breaks make sure to do something physical, things to get your blood moving. like play with the dog, or run outside things like that.
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What if I dont have time?

Not everyone has time to study but the best time to do it is during the weekend. Because you don't have much to do and have way more free time, if you don't than whenever you can but ASAP!!! And yes I know its the weekend but you put school first do you want to pass your tests??? After all that's done you'll be free to do anything!!!