September 3, 2015

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We hope all of you had a wonderful and relaxing summer! After Labor Day is past, you know what that means!

Below you will find information and links that we hope will get you started for the year.

If you need anything from us, please contact the following:

Databases (Purchase and Login Information) - Jane Kehoe - 581-3700 or 746-3700

OPALS and Databases (Not connecting) - Sharon Hinkle - 581-3736 or 746-3736

Anything else - J’aimé Pfeiffer - 581-3704 or 746-3704 (If no answer, call Jane)


All database information will be emailed to you in the next few days. This will include the list of databases you currently subscribe to, IP authentications, web addresses, usernames and passwords (including admin for stats). If you have questions before you receive the information, please check with Jane.

IF there are any missing pieces of information or mistakes, please let Jane know so we can update our Master file.

PLEASE - CHECK ALL OF YOUR DATABASES THROUGH OPALS 24/7 TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE THERE, AND WORKING CORRECTLY! Let us know immediately of any problems. We recommend you do this before any classes arrive to use them; sometimes we aren't in the office to fix problems and don't want you to have your lesson ruined. :(

You may also want to check to make sure the web addresses and usernames/passwords are working if that's how your students access from school or home.


If you haven't already done so, please make sure that your PATRON INFORMATION gets sent to Sharon as soon as possible to get going for the year! She sent an email to everyone with specifics she will need, and a request to cc her if you forward it to someone else (tech dept.) to send so she has a contact person there.

Calendars are almost all updated. If you see any problems, please contact Sharon.

There is an OPALS tab on our LibGuides that has links to specific areas you may need for the beginning of the school year.

We updated Lexiles, Fountas & Pinnell, etc. with Mitinet over the summer so you should see even more in your catalogs!

And ... we are almost ready to add the SIP-2 connection to OPALS! We should start with our schools that volunteered to go first, starting the end of September/beginning of October. More information on that will be coming soon.



Our annual 4-Region Collaborative SLS meeting will be Friday, November 6, 2015 here at Gick Rd. and will feature Library Girl! For more information, go to our LibGuides Home Page for the flyer.

Sign up early - space will be limited!

You can also see her blog and other information at The Adventures of Library Girl.


We have our meeting and workshop dates and times planned for this year. You can see them on our SLS web page. We are in the process of getting a calendar on our LibGuides as well.

Due to requests to bring back both "cluster" groups AND book groups, you'll see that we are working to combine these meetings. It is up to the attendees how you want to split the time. Our goal is to have 4 meetings this year for each group - Elementary and Secondary. Two of them are scheduled to be held here at Gick Road; the others will be in the "Northern Tier" for one and the "Southern Tier" for the other.

We also plan to have 3 school library specific workshops: Materials & Challenge Policies; Statistics & Reporting; and Weeding & Feeding Your Collection.

We will have informational flyers coming out soon for these and, as always, sign up with Jane Kehoe to get your PD certificates.

TeenReaderCon 2015

October 17, 2015

Our 2nd Annual TeenReaderCon (TRC) will be held on October 17, 2015 at SUNY Albany, Downtown Campus (Washington Street). Featuring 9 authors:

  • Jennifer Armstrong
  • S.A. Bodeen
  • Eric Devine
  • Helen Frost
  • David Levithan
  • Jackie Morse Kessler
  • James Preller
  • Elliot Schrafer
  • Todd Strasser

To get more information about the books and authors to share with students, go to - TRC 2015


We are very close to finalizing the date (and place)! You'll get a notification with details a soon as everything is ready. Meantime, go to our Battle of the Books wiki for information on this year's books,

As your students are reading, they may want to get more information on the books and authors. Check out these links at

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6


Reminder: Please complete the survey for ALL months in which you borrow or loan materials outside of the OPALS electronic ILL system. This includes any schools not using OPALS through the SLS. This link is also located on our LibGuides Home Page (left column).


Don't forget to check our Model Schools offerings, as well as the MultiMedia Service for great workshops, products and services!
We are in the process of "transitioning" between the SLS Web Page and LibGuides. The plan is to have general information about our services and contact information on the WSWHE BOCES SLS page. We hope that the LibGuides becomes the "go-to" site for you, to get information on all things "school librarian." As we continue working, we will be adding more tabs, additional guides ... and more! Kerrie Burch is working with me on some of the pages that you'll see in the future. That's why she keeps asking you to send her items to add to our "Best Practices" page and sub-pages. As well, we welcome anyone else to join us - if you want to design a page, or a guide, let me know. We're happy to get you trained!

There will be some overlap in what you can see in both places; we will have less and less in the future, but still need to bring items over from the original page to the LibGuides that we know you count on seeing!

If there are items of importance that you want to see, please let me know! We want this to be a working document for YOU to use and get good information on. As well, when you find good links you want to share, please send them so we can add them to the LibGuides.


When you update to Destiny 13.0, there is a connection for your patrons to be added automatically to Overdrive (similar to what we're doing with the SIP-2 connection in OPALS). For more information, contact Follett School Support Services.