Herschel Walker

By:Terrance Price

Early Life/ Struggle

Born March 3, 1962 to parents Willis and Christine Walker, in Wrightsville, Georgia. He was one of seven children. As a child he was overweight and had a speech impediment, but his mother always taught him to turn the negative into a positive.
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Walkers success started early during his high school career. Remembering his mother's advice, Walker took on the athletic field where he played football, basketball, and ran track and field. He brought the school their first state championship his senior year. Herschel was given the chance to attend the 1992 Winter Olympics in two man


Shortly after he graduated, Walker began his college career. Herschel Walker attended the University of Georgia, where he gained the title of being a three-title All-American. In 1982, he won the Heisman trophy and Maxwell Award. He was the only player in NCAA history to finish top 3 in all three of his college seasons


Later in life Herschel first joined the USFL, then he was drafted into the NFL. Walker played for many teams in the league, to name a few: Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, and a second time around at the Dallas Cowboys, where he retired at the end of his 1997 season.

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Walker leaves behind a great amount of success from his career path that will live on forever. Herschel is regarded as one of the top college running backs of all time. He was selected as Sports Illustrated's NCAA Football All-Century team. The University of Georgia retired his college football number "34" in his privilege. He had the pleasure of having his hometown school name its football field after him in his honor. Lastly, Walker announced that he put thoughts into returning into the NFL at the age of 50.
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