New Consultant-Helpful tips

Congratulations! I am so glad you have joined Beautycounter!

As you get started, here are some helpful tips. Call me if you have any questions. I am here to help you!.


1. Spend a little time Behind The Counter (BTC), Login at . Become familiar with your 'virtual office'. Go under "Training" There is a TON of info here to help you. Go to "Training by Topic"....and you can search for info. Do not hesitate to call me with questions or any issues if they arise. I am here to help you get off to a good start. Make sure that you get a picture up on your PWS so customers can identify you. (That is on the BTC "home" part of the page...upload a picture)

2. Join our team Facebook pages by asking your mentor to add you. Don't have a Facebook profile? I highly encourage you to create one even if it's just for the sole purpose of being able to join our group.

3. Check out the New Consultant checklist BTC. We can talk about your goals.

4. Create your WHY? Why did you join Beautycounter?

5. Make a 100 person contact list. This will be a "living" list that will keep growing. There is training about how to keep track of customers and contacts too.

6. Book your first social and try to schedule some 1:1's. You can have a launch social at your home or at a friends home...or anywhere. Who could you ask to host a social for you?

7. Ordering Business Cards (If you would like them): Go BTC and sign in. When your page loads, notice the "Bespoke" swag shop and business materials. This will take you to our professional print shop "Bespoke" and you can order Business Cards, labels, or note cards and other items. They are adding apparel and other fun items soon too.

There are also some great editable flyers BTC under marketing....then you just print them off.

8. Create a separate Beautycounter email address....or at least one unique to you (i.e.: not your family email and one that customers will begin to use). Go BTC and create your email E-Signature. BTC....Training....Training by to create your Beautycounter Email signature.

In the next few weeks, you may want to establish a separate Checking/Savings and Credit Card for your business. This will help keep your Beautycounter business separate from family finances and make information easier to find. Keep track of products ordered for sales/marketing purposes (displays, raffle items, sample packs, look books, etc), travel expenses, food for socials, ink cartridges, etc. for Tax deduction purposes. I keep this info/receipts in a folder and make sure I keep it up to date each month. Beautycounter will give you a paycheck each month (around the 10th), either through the mail or through EFT. EFT is much easier. Beautycounter does not take taxes out of your paycheck. (we get a 1099 form at the end of the year showing the total income). I split my monthly check in to 2 different EFT accounts....a certain % for savings to keep in case taxes are needed and then the remainder to checking. You can go Behind the Counter and change or edit your personal settings, including your EFT account designations at any time.

9. Taking orders at socials: (some tips)

-Focus on your guests.

-Do not try to place orders on your computer or laptop during a social (one on one, it is okay place an order with them to show the client how it works).

-Use the order forms from Beautycounter. You can purchase more forms BTC (10 pack for $4.00).

-I use the order form as a "wish list" sometimes too. They can write on it take note of color and products they want next but only purchase what they can that day. Then, you have a copy and they have a copy.

-Ask if they would like to become a Band of Beauty Member and put that on their order form. Don't forget to ask them for their Birthday dd/mm/yyyy for the membership enrollment.

-Keep a calculator and total the products, $5.95 shipping (non BoB member) for most orders (see the shipping rates) and then calculate the sales tax. In Illinois, it is a little crazy because the tax varies from town to town.

-The clients credit card info is the easiest. If they want to pay with cash or check that is no problem either. You will place the order on your Credit card (when you get home) and the client will give you cash or check at the social. (this is when it is helpful to have a separate card--I have a regular credit card (not a business card) that I use for all my Beautycounter purchases)....When I purchase products for my family....I often use our family card for that.

10. Placing Orders for first time clients:

-You can go BTC and see tutorials for entering social orders. (BTC, Training, Training by Topic, "Demo of personal and client ordering" and "Demo of Social set up and ordering"

-I often put random orders under either a social for me or under one of my hostesses to help them. If an order does not go under a social, you can submit a "support" ticket and ask to have it moved (make sure your have all the info for the social and order #'s).

-At the checkout, Register your new guests and give them a password (this puts them in to your contacts). I use the same password for each one.....just keep it consistent, so you remember. The contact can change their password at any time when they sign in.

-When I get the order confirmation to my email, I then forward it to my client with a note. I thank them for their order, tell them how nice it was to meet them (or if someone you know well...something personal), I hope they love their products, if they have any questions, please feel free to contact me. In the future if they would like to order products, they can call me for assistance or go to my website and shop. At the check out, they are a returning customer under their email address and the password _____ (what ever you did). I never save a clients credit card information. I try to do this for every customer....immediately following placing their order, so I do not forget.

**New volume can be an order with a new email address...or if a current customer becomes a Band of Beauty Member.....or if you recruit a new consultant. All of those scenarios = New Volume for you. As your business grows and you want to count new volume...these are 3 ways to do it. New Volume will be tracked for you BTC under the "Performance" tab.

11. Face Kits:

-Full size products or some samples in a Beautycounter pouch with some info.

-There is training BTC on the topic of Face Kits.

-Face kits are one way for your local clients try Beautycounter for 2-3 nights.

-See my flyer for Face Kit instructions--(what I email to the recipient of the Face Kit). Here is a link to my Smore flyer. You can make your own flyer to send to your clients. I also include a couple of laminated items (Essential Tip card, etc.) inside the pouch and some paper info (a never list -pages 3-5 from the product guide and face oil flyer) that the client can keep. Totally up to you what info you put in your face kits.

Also see BTC for more training on Face kits. They can be a great thing!

12. Branding:

-It is important that we keep Beautycounter branding consistent. (Note: Beautycounter is one word). When displaying products, Beautycounter would prefer you use simple clear or white trays on a wood table or white table cloth. Try to use the tools and wording, invites, etc. from behind the counter as much as possible to keep the Beautycounter brand consistent.

13. Making Flyers...a great way to share info. (Like with the Face kits)

-A free service for up to 5 flyers. They will ask you to upgrade to pro or buy more credits to expand. You do not need to. You can just edit your flyers and reuse them.

-Set up with you email address and a password.

-Design your own flyers. I use the minimal design. You can choose to imbed video clips (using the +add more stuff to your flyer section at the bottom), your consultant information and a whole bunch of info. Keep invites simple and personal to you.

-Once you have made your flyer make sure you 'save now' and then update your flyer. If you are in the middle of making a flyer make sure you hit 'update page' before you log off or your data will be lost.

-Once you hit the 'update page' button you should click on 'flyer settings' (right side, gray box) and hit PRIVATE. You can uncheck the buttons on the left to make it more private. If you have put a link to your FB, email or website in the flyer, make sure that your client can access those buttons. (so make sure you do not uncheck all of them).

-Email the flyer. In the green box at the top, click the envelope, "share with email". Then click the orange bar, "Pick recipients and send an email now". Type in your email address and send it to yourself. Once you have it, you can forward it to contacts through your email. will send you Analytics and say that your flyer has 100's of is a marketing ploy to try to get you to use their service...just ignore that! It is also not true that that many people have actually looked at your flyer.)

-You can use the same 5 flyers over and over....just edit them.

-Make sure you are done with the flyer that you edit before changing it.

-If you want to make more flyers, you can purchase more flyer credits. I ended up doing this.....but you could also make 5 more flyers under another email addresses too....I did not think of that until later.

14. Michelle Skinner is my mentor. She is also a Founding Member and Managing Director. You can also reach out to Michelle for info. 651-894-3089.

15. The Beautycounter Headquarters phone number is 888-988-9108. They are very helpful when needed. If your question is not an emergency, they would prefer that you put in a support ticket BTC (See support tab in the toolbar). Support Tickets are easy to do and customer service will respond as quickly as they can to your requests. The home office is a busy place and support tickets help them manage the volume of requests.

Betsy ;-)