Solar Power Stations!

By: I.L & A.K!

What Is A Solar Power Station and Who Used It To Their Advantage?

A solar power station is a place where there are solar panels that produce heat, electricity, or energy by using the sun. It is made up of many tiny solar cells. They use light to produce electricity.

In the 1830's, John Herschel, a British astronomer used a solar thermal collector box. A solar thermal collector box is a device that absorbs sunlight and collects heat. John used this during a voyage to South Africa. This cooked his food and today, people use solar energy for many things such as for heat and electricity.

How A Solar Panel Works?

As mentioned before, the solar cells use light. They use light to make the electrons move. These cells are made up of two layers. The first layer has many electrons. The second layer has less electrons because some have been taken away. The first layer's electrons jump towards the second layer which makes electrons move over and over. The light starts a flow of electrons/electricity.