What is it to be exact?

What is a Carnivore?...

A carnivore is an animal that gets their food by killing another animals.

Many animals are carnivores such as humans, lions, tigers, and bears. They usually eat herbivores like bunnies, deer, zebras etc. They even eat omnivores like rats, raccoons, chickens, pigs etc.

How much animal does carnivores have to eat to get full?

Many animals have to waste their whole day hunting and killing animals for their food. Which takes a lot of energy, so they have to kill more to gain the calories back. So to answer the question about how much animal they have to kill to get food is they're no certain amount of meat to get a animal full, it all depends on the size of the animal. If the animal is small it will take a small amount to fill them up. Just like bigger animals it take more meat to fill them up than smaller animals.
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Fun facts

There are three type of groups for carnivores

  • Canids- which is the group with dog type species like foxes, wild dogs, wolves etc.
  • Mustelids- which are the smaller carnivores like skunks, badgers, minks
  • Cats- which is obviously a group of species that are related to cats like tiger, lion, bob cats
The fast land animal is a Carnivore

The largest carnivore is a brown bear

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