Adrionna Harris

By: Rileigh Biertzer 5/29/15

What did Adrionna Harris do wrong?

This is Adrionna Harris, and she was accused of bringing a razor blade to school and cutting a guy's arm in her class. It turns out that she didn't really cut him or anyone; she was trying to stop the guy from cutting himself, but no one would believe her. They just thought that she was trying to cover up what she did.

Adrionna Harris saying

She said, "I don't care if I get suspended or expelled, all that matters is that I stopped that boy from cutting himself."

Julie Anne Allen wrote

Julie Anne Allen wrote something that would keep Adrionna Harris from getting expelled. She said, “We all think of her as a little hero not someone to be punished!”

My Saying

I think that people shouldn't go out of their way and just assume that Adrionna Harris cut this guy's arm. They should at least believe her a little or at least get the guy to tell the truth.

This is the school that Adrionna Harris when to

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The razor blade that Adrionna Harris was accused of using

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