Jazz, Jazz, and more Jazz!

By Jillian Long Dack PE AA1 2014


Jazz dance that expresses a dancer's originality. It's a way dancer's can express and try moves in their own way. This type of dance is very upbeat and fun.

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History of Jazz

Jazz was created in the United States and was invented by jazz musicians. Originally up until the 1950s jazz was a popular African-American dance that started in New Orleans. After 1950 jazz dance became very popular on tv shows and eventually became a wide variety of different people expressing the self in a fun and interesting way.

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Jack Cole

Jack is the Father of Jazz Dance. He choreographed many Broadway musicals and films. He also worked with many famous stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Gower Champion.



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Accessed 9/5/14
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Katherine Dunham

She founded the Katherine Dunham Dance Company, which enabled her as a pioneer of black theatrical dance. Dunham danced throughout the US and Europe, on Broadway stages and for film.
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Lestor Horton

He studied Native American dances and modern Jazz to create his own modern dance technique. The Lester Horton Technique emphasizes a whole body approach including flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness to allow freedom of expression. He trained many famous dancers, including Alvin Ailey and Carmen de Lavallade.

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beginning jazz dance class
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