Bauxite Schools Testing Newsletter

February 3, 2016

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ACT, ACT Aspire, IOWA, ELPA 21, MSAA - Who Takes What?

ACT - All 11th graders - March 1

ACT Aspire - 3rd - 10th graders - April 11 - May 13

IOWA - 1st & 2nd graders - April 4 - 15

ELPA 21 - Students who are classified as Limited English Proficiency - Feb. 1 - March 11

MSAA - Students with Severe Cognitive Disabilities - March 30 - May 13

Interim vs. Classroom: Both Are Called Periodics

Interim - Gr. 3-10, English, Math, Reading, Science

Classroom - Gr. 3-8 English, Math, Reading, Science

District Expectations: Take a 25 point grade on the interims. Don't count questions your students have not yet been taught.

Make a plan for getting that info taught before April 11.

Set up periodic test dates with your building counselor.

Differences Between PARCC and ACT Aspire

  • High School Accountability is Tied to Grade 10 only
  • 9th and 10th graders will take the same test
  • Students can't read when they finish their tests this year
  • There is NO read aloud or text to speech in English or Reading, even with an IEP
  • No calculators for grades 3-5
  • Only 1 time to test, and about 4 hours total testing time!
  • Much More Grammar
  • Cold Prompt Writing
  • Science is included!

State-Required Infrastructure Trial

Thursday, Feb. 18th, 9:45am

BHS, BMS, PHE, MA - Some Classrooms. Check link below.

This trial will not test students. It will just test our system. All students will take the same test, which is a 7th grade science test. They are not expected to get the questions right! :)

Check this Google Doc to see if your classroom is one that will do the infrastructure trial!

If you are not involved in the infrastructure trial, please do not stream video or music at that time.

Dates for Summative Testing

1-2 Grades - Apr. 4-8

3rd Grade - Apr. 25-26

4th Grade - Apr. 20-21

5th Grade - April 18-19

6th Grade - April 13-14

7th Grade - April 11-12

8th Grade - April 13-14

9th Grade - April 11-12

10th Grade - April 13-14

11th Grade - March 1

What if parents want to know more about the test?

I would direct parents to these two sites. and I can also answer any questions they have (501-557-5491).