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Designer Diamonds is among the leading fine jewelry manufacturers with over 25 years of experience in designing the best quality diamond and gemstone jewelry. At Designer Diamonds, we make every aspect of your personal buying experience the most professional, simplest and successful, 100% guaranteed. Our most popular jewelry collections feature necklaces for women, diamond wedding bands for women, sterling silver rings, blue topaz rings,diamond hoop earrings, diamond engagement rings, garnet engagement rings, blue sapphire rings, gemstone earrings and more.

We at Designer Diamonds, offer diamond and gemstone jewelry that are completely hand-made and inspected before shipment in order to bring 100% customer satisfaction. We provide custom jewelry designed by our expert team of craftsmen fully supplied with high tech equipment and latest tools. Custom jewelry design is not only our skill but it is at the core of our passion. Our custom designed jewelry piece says everything – it is unique, beautiful and priceless.

Our passion for jewelry perfection never changes – we are in the diamond and gemstone jewelry business to bring our customers matchless design and unparalleled service. Designer Diamonds ensures consistent clarity and color, perfect delivery, complete client satisfaction in terms of design specifications and excellent customer service.

Designer Diamonds use the finest diamonds, precious metals and colored stones for a list of jewelry products i.e. gemstone rings, black diamond rings, citrine rings, garnet rings, amethyst rings, blue topaz engagement rings, sapphire engagement rings, garnet jewelry and more. Each and every piece of jewelry is hand crafted keeping the particular needs of the customer in mind. Our exclusive range of jewelry products are specifically designed to perfectly symbolize the important occasions of your life and match your individual lifestyle and tastes.

At Designer Diamonds, all of our jewelry pieces go through a meticulous screening process to ensure top quality and perfection. Our diamond and gemstone jewelry brings the best quality you will be looking for in the market, and our beautiful jewelry pieces are priced to offer incredible return for your money.

Our fully integrated jewelry design and manufacturing process permits us to work cost-efficiently and effectively and we like to pass these savings down to our loyal customers.

If you are still in search of more information or have any queries, feel free to contact us at (800) 695-4815 or visit our website http://designer-diamonds.net/ for more details.