The people are nice and the weather is great!

The Basics: Location, Weather, Climate Type, and Physical Characteristics

Jamaica is located in the Caribbean Sea, just South of Cuba. The weather sunny with an average of 80-90 degrees year round. The Climate is hot, but it is also tropical and humid. Strangely Jamaica has physical characteristics like Mountains that are fairly cool but it also has nice, warm beaches.

How to Fit in: Language, 4 Folkways, Taboos, and Values

The main language spoken in Jamaica is English.

Four common folkways are, families are really close, almost everyone practices religion, everyone is referred to as "Mr. or Ms." unless you are close with that person, and you should smile with direct eye contact during a handshake. Some common taboos are to make an appointment before meeting someone, and don't begin eating until the host says to. Some of the values are to always be polite and to just socialize and be friendly.

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Digging Deeper into Culture: 2 Subcultures, Culture Landscape, Evidence of Cultural Diffusion, and Evidence of Culture Change

Two of the subcultures of Jamaica would be just Rastafarians and Christian people. The culture landscape is green with Mountains and vegetation with an ocean. Some evidence of Culture Diffusion would be the rest of the world adapting reggae music into their culture. Some evidence of culture change would be the country abolishing slavery over time.
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Grady Anderson