Francis Cabot Lowell

The Creation of the Lowell System

Francis Cabot Lowell and his invention on the Lowell System

Lowell Changed the making of the textile industry. He Changed the British and American technology combined. Lowell's idea amazed local Textile Industries in the Northeast. Lowell was a local businessman from New England until it clicked!! His Invention of the Lowell System was based on water powered textile mills that employed unmarried women from local farms that had to know the basics of weaving and threading cloth. The Mill workers were kept in mills for 12 to 14 hrs a day just to receive a pay of $2 to $4 dollar EACH WEEK!! The Lowell Girls didn't complain they saved every nickel and dime to save up for room and board that costed nearly a $1.25. Many of the women or young girls came across from New England to try to earn money instead on working on the family farm. The equipment was difficult for most of the workers to keep up, the dust in the mills caused health defects such as chronic cough. In the 1800 people began to flood in factories, many people stood up for themselves and complained about their jobs. A shoemaker named William Fraizier complained about his pay and demanded more! Because of his actions and peoples actions like his they began to form trade unions and strikes. Hiring employees was getting harder and harder. Courts and Police dealt with trade unions most of the time during 1840's. Many factory workers wanted to make a difference in their lives, and they weren't going down without a fight. Its No pay No Work.

Tough Times !!!

Sarah G. Bagley

Bagley was a girl with a strong hearts and a strong spirit. She was one that stood up for the rights of the people. In 1844 Bagley was the founder of the Lowell Female Labor Reform, she had two goals. One was to improve working conditions and to decrease the total workday to 10 hours everyday 6 days a week. Some owners or presidents agreed to the 10 hour workday decision, while others refused. Sarah Bagley was now the new Vice President of the New England Working Men Association. Many of the sates without the help of Bagley achieved the 10 hour workday schedule in states like Ohio, Maine,Connecticut and more. Bagley Had accomplished her Job, she proved that the rights of the people mattered.