The epic element that impacted countries around the world

What is happening in America that requires weapons?

There are many conflicts between America and other countires, so we must protect ourselves with armed forces in case the conflict intensifies or something worse happens. Without weapons or a supply of weapons, our country would become defenseless against any sort of issue.

The impact of weapons in America

The use of weapons obviously impacted America's history by helping them gain advantages in wars and battles in the past. Weapons such as Hiroshima and Nagasaki were huge game-changers and have drastically changed the way America and the world is shaped. However, there has been some issues going on with gun control in America today. There are many people who abuse the power of the second amendment by needlessly threatening others, and a lot of political officials are currently figuring out a way to resolve this situation.

How do weapons differ through the decades?

Throughout history, weapons only grow in efficiency to better support and protect their respective nation. Past events also help the manufacturers know what not to build next time, as each nation has had its fair share of failed weapons. An example that comes to mind is the Landkruezer, which was basically a humongous tank. However, this project was cancelled because people realized that this weapon was unable to cross bridges, destroy roads, and was a blatant airstrike target.

The Spear

The spear was a common weapon used in ancient times by countries such as Greece and Egypt. This weapon was used to kill both animals and humans
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