Challenge 2

Notes from Home

A note of encouragement can go a long way. Sending notes to soldiers who are far way from their families and friends means a lot. Take a moment and participate in Any Hero Mail.
“It’s hard to put into words what it feels like to read a note of thanks and appreciation from people that don’t even know us. A few of us teared up a bit and all we can do is just pass on our sincerest thanks for the cards and letters. It lifted our spirits today and will help carry us through our journey here in Afghanistan.” T. N. C., MSgt, USAF

Tech it out!

Ever go out on a hike or in your yard and hear a bird call or an animal noise and think, "What is that?" Time to explore! Record animal noises you hear out and about. You can use any device with a microphone. Some people do this as a hobby, others work in the field of bio-acoustics! See what you can find!
Note to parents: This is a great way to encourage outdoor activities for kids who might otherwise not be interested. I have a kid who prefers to trail run, but some of us prefer to hike. I gave her a vice recorder and told her to use her bat ears to record nature sounds. We an hike for miles while she pretends to be a bat.

Not enough tech time?

Whether you're into zombies, ghosts, or Bigfoot there's a spoof video for that. Grab your favorite device and a few friends and create your own spoof video.