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A town always updated with the latest news and fun!

About Spectacle

This is a town in New York where there is always something to do. In the spectacular town of Spectacle, there are beauty Pageants, stores, circuses, schools, parties, you name it! Doris Day Dingman, someone who lives in the Spectacular town of Spectacle, loves to join in on the fun. The upcoming model is the winner of the Bosetti pageant, and auditioned to be a circus lady. If you need any information on the town, go ask her. But it's not always such good fun. There is a street called Witch Tree Lane, where all misfits fit in together. But we don't need to know about that just yet! Welcome to this amazing town, you wont be disappointed!
Doris Day sings "Secret Love" from "Calamity Jane" (1953)

Doris Day-Secret Love

Here is the beautiful and talented Doris Day singing her amazing song "Secret Love" from 1953.
President John F. Kennedy's "Peace Speech"

John F. Kennedy-Peace Speach

Here is a famous speech named the "Peace Speech" from the President John F. Kennedy from June of 1963.
Miss Plessy Beauty Contest 1965 - 1960s UK Home Movies

Beauty Pagent- Bosetti Beauty Pagent

Here is what a beauty pagent from the 1960's would look like, such as the Bosetti Beauty Pagent, which Doris Day Dingman had won.

Witch Tree Lane

Who lives there?

Witch Tree Lane is where all of the misfits fit in. A bunch of people live there, an their only friends are each other. First, there lives the Majors. Holly and her single mother Selena. Next to them, there were the Lauchairs. They are a foreign family. They moved to Spectacle from Belgium, and speak french. But their children, Etienne and Dominique, who are friends with the Dingman children, can speak English. Next, lives the Levine's. They are a bohemian-Jewish family from Brooklyn. Their kids/ friends of the DIngman children are David, Rachel, and Allan. They also have the Witch tree of Witch tree lane in their backyard. So they are important. Then there is Miss Nelson and Miss Woods. They live in the oldest house of Witch Tree Lane. They love to help children. Make them lemon-aid, bandage them up when they get hurt, help with homework, and more. What an unusual bunch of people.
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The Witch Tree

This is a very important feature of Witch Tree lane. People that live outside of Witch Tree lane, are scared of the tree because they think it has some kind of magical power. As I said, it is in Levine's backyard, and Miss Nelson and Miss Woods take care of it. One day, someone ruined the beloved Tree, by putting purple paint all over it! How disrespectful! But the tree is okay now, and definitely a place to visit in Spectacle, New York!

New York City

Doris Day Dingman ventures out to New York City to become famous. Here are some places you will learn about if you ask her about her experience.


Important events that happened or to attend in Spectacle

  • The assassination of John F. Kennedy
  • The Bosetti beauty pageant
  • The Witch Tree being ruined
  • Going to the Circus

Important Events in Ellie's life

  • Being slammed in the hallway
  • Her mother leaving her to go to New York
  • Finding out her mother has lied to everyone about her job
  • Nearly getting kidnapped in NY by a strange Man

Questions I have about the story

  • Who was the man chasing Ellie?
  • Does Doris feel bad about what she is doing?
  • How much does Doris's actions affect Mr. Ding-man and their marriage?
  • Do the kids feel very different from all of the kids because of their mother?

Who/what you need information on to understand the story

  • John F. Kennedy
  • Doris Day
  • Beauty Pagents
  • Circus

Where events happened

  • The school
  • The witch tree
  • New York
  • The circus

Who to become friends with from Spectacle

  • Ellie Dingman
  • Holly Major
  • Albert Dingman
  • Marie Dingman
  • Rachel Levine
  • Dominique Lauchaire
  • Miss Woods
  • Miss Nelsons
  • Etienne Lauchaire
  • David Levine
  • Allan Levine

Who not to become friends with from Spectacle

  • Doris Dingman
  • Tammy
  • Maggie
  • Nancy
  • Donna
  • Anita

By Isabella Pierini