Liz's Lowdown

Week of September 19th

Team Celebrations

Welcome Bennett Charles Hollick!

Debbie and Nick welcomed Ben to the world on Sept 10th. Mom and son are happy and healthy, so it's joyous news all around. Feel free to send your regards her way. For us, this means Debbie is officially on maternity leave, so stay in touch directly with me (this shouldn't be a change) for any of your needs.



1. Keep up to date with Starfish and make sure you're using it properly by carefully reading the note below about Starfish disability language and marking flags as resolved once that is true

2. Review the notes on my vacation so you know who to turn to for what.



Team Call tomorrow night: Thanks in advance for being on around 7:57, so we can start right at 8pm and for having your webcam on. Thanks also for your patience as I try out Adobe Connect for the first time. Some pros have warned me that everyone will need to have their COMPUTER microphones muted as well as their phones, so we don't get echoes. Thanks in advance for making sure you're set with tech before 8.


Phone line: 712-770-4010 x281470

Registration changes: We're well beyond when changes should be made. At this point, no one should be allowed to add a course. We should only support with drops as necessary. Make sure you are sharing the two calendars with any student contemplating registration changes at this time:

Withdraw Calendar

Refund Calendar

Registration for Students on Probation: Now that the probation policy is being fully enforced, there is one key step that will affect our work. In the past we could send email approvals to the Registrar if we had a student with a probation hold. That will no longer be allowed. Please read the full process the Registrar now requires any time you approve a student on probation for registration. Let me know if you have questions and please make sure to follow this procedure as needed in future periods of registration.

Starfish: I've drafted a message about Starfish you can share in your blasts/newsletters. It's in the section below. I would like everyone to share it so the use of Starfish doesn't take anyone by surprise and so they know to expect us to be using it.

Vacation FYIs: As you know, I'll be OOO from this Thursday, Sept. 22nd thru Oct. 4th. I'll miss you but am happy to share you'll be in good hands as fellow advisor, Ann Coy, has agreed to field questions while I'm away. Here are the needs to know:

  • Please support each other by posting questions and answers into the Google Site.
  • From there, any question you would normally send to me, please send to Ann at and cc me.
  • If you get portfolio questions, direct them to Katherine –
  • If you get Starfish questions about access or tech issues or have issues yourself, direct them to Robyn Rogers –
  • If you have an item that is not as time sensitive, please consider holding it until after the 4th and sending me an email then.

Advisor News: There will be no advisor news next week and the news will be sent on Thursday, Oct. 6th the following week.

Student Facing Items

Introducing Starfish!

At the start of the semester you received an email from SOE about new technologies in use this semester, but as a friendly reminder, this year we are using a program called Starfish which is a web-based platform totally integrated with Blackboard. It is an early warning communication system that allows faculty, coaches, advisors and program directors to pro-actively connect with students by tracking their progress. As a student you will receive automated emails anytime an academic progress, lack of attendance or quality of work flag is triggered.

  • The academic progress flag triggers any time your grade to date drops below an 80%.
  • The lack of attendance flag triggers when seven days have passed and you have not logged on to Blackboard.
  • The quality of work flag is triggered when your instructor or coach expresses concern that your work is not meeting expectations.

Please do not respond to the automated emails, but reach out to your instructor(s)/coach as needed to ensure you have an open line of communication and can get any support that may be needed. When the issue(s) is resolved, the flag will be lowered. If many flags or unique flags present themselves, I will be in touch to discuss next steps. The purpose of Starfish is not to monitor students in a punitive or evaluative way, but to enhance communication across each student’s network and increase the timeliness in which we can offer support. Essentially, it’s here to help us, help you. Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to using this to support our work together too.

Upcoming Events

September Advisor Call

Tuesday, Sep. 20th, 8pm

This is an online event.


Phone line: 712-770-4010 x281470

Heads Up: Liz on Vacation

Thursday, Sep. 22nd, 12am to Tuesday, Oct. 4th, 11:30pm

This is an online event.

From Sept. 22nd to Oct. 4th. Ann Coy will be fielding any questions while I am away. You can reach her at Thanks, Ann!

See you soon! L

Thanks for holding down the fort while I'm away. I have all the confidence in the world in this team and am so proud to call each of you a colleague.