Vietnam Assignment

NIck Bilus Zayda Carlos

Summary : "Counting Small-boned Bodies"

This text was about how many people were killed in Vietnam. and that if we could shrink the bodies we would see how many people died in this war.

Important Passages: "Counting Small-boned Bodies

"If we could only make the bodies smaller The size of skulls We could make a whole plain white with skulls in the moonlight" this is important because it shows that a lot of people died in this war.

Summary Chapter from the novel by Tim O'Brien "The Things They Carried"

Jimmy Cross is one of the youngest Lieutenant who is deeply in love with a girl named Martha. He lets his soldiers die due to the love he has for her, that has made him blind.

All of his soldiers carry somethings that help them survive mentally & in reality.

Discussion Questions

The message that the authors are trying to convey to the readers is that the war was pointless and that a lot of lives were wasted in the battles. This is shown in The things they carried by having Ted Lavender getting killed. The impact war has on people is that if messes with there mind. people in vary stressful situations can develop PTSD which has them in a constant state of panic due to trigger terms of scenes.

Image Analysis

This picture shows the reader how much the people in the U.S wanted peace also to end the War in Vietnam.
Revolution - The Beatles
This song relates to what we have done in class because this is a protest song to the Vietnam war