The band life

By : Ambria Green

Your band accomplishments this year (individual and class accomplishments)

The band accomplishments are playing my solo so good that I got a superior. I feel good as an 8th grader to be able to know that over all 3 years I have been here. Then to be able to feel how hard I worked to now know how to play my instrument the Alto Saxophone. It's just such a good experience.

Your strengths and weaknesses as a musician this year

The strengths that I have is a good tone,sound,and I can blow my air at a good speed so that I wont have to tack in to many breaths during the pieces of music I play.Then the weaknesses I have is a low sound,then I have to lengthen my chin,and I have to tack in more of the mouth piece to have a better sound.

Your goals for NEXT year.What are your future band plans and goals?

My goal for next year is to play my instrument with confidence and to not be shy to play with a lot of sound.I also want to be able to count and clap quietly.My future band plans and goals are practicing a lot and being able to remember the music that I will be playing in marching band. I feel that and marching could be the hard things for me to do.

Describe your overall band experience. Tell us about your favorite memories .What have you learned about yourself from band ?

My overall band experience was just having fun with everyone on our rides to competitions,and just performing was fun to me. My favorite memories were just playing my instrument in front of my family and many others that come to see the bands play music.The thing I learned from band was that practicing a lot can really help you even when I think that I know a piece of music ,and that I don't need to go over it.This lets me know that playing even when knowing good at something can help you a lot.

Lastly,give some advice to a future band student.

The advice that I will give you may make you think that hard work is something you have to put into your instrument. It's something that can make a different in your life and what you become latter on.I just want you to know that practicing is also something everyone needs.You and your band could make people want to play just like you. It's something that is good to put work into because it's something that someone would want to do and they want to see how other people do things,and they could be joining band because of you and your band.