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January 2016

Today the SES Technology team met to discuss the following topics for our school:

  • APP Updates for the IPAD Cart and Classroom IPADS for primary grade levels.
  • Kahoot!
  • TodaysMeet
  • Keyboarding in the classroom.
  • A resource area for our colleagues to share our news updates monthly on technology tips, tricks, and topics.

What is Kahoot!? How can we use Kahoot with our students?

A Kahoot is a collection of questions on specific topics. Created by teachers, students, business-people and social users, they are asked in real-time, to an unlimited number of “players”, creating a social, fun and game-like learning environment. You can create your own Kahoot! OR you can search topics or ideas on Kahoot! and find ready made Kahoots by other teachers. Check out the below article for more information and some great ideas!

Inspirational Videos for your technology cravings!

"Technology is just a tool in terms of getting the kids working together & motivating them, the teacher is the most important"-Bill Gates

TodaysMeet-What is it? How can I use it with my students?

Below is a great article with a list of ideas of how to utilize TodaysMeet with your students in your classroom. Here are a few to get your started!

  • Have a conversation.

  • Share links.

  • Assess student learning.

  • Take a poll.

  • Give Examples.

  • Gather Feedback.

  • Create a rotating story.

  • Practice Digital Citizenship.

  • Connect with other classrooms.

IPAD APPS for the Primary Grade Levels that will be updated and added

  • Splash Math

  • EPIC

  • Spelling City

  • Sushi Monster

  • Doodle Buddy

  • Super Math Invaders

  • Bookabi

  • Socrative Student

  • Everyday Math

  • True Flix

  • Bitsboard

  • Educreations

  • Count Money

  • Mathopolis

  • Book Creator

  • Chatterpix Kids

  • Wonderopolis

  • Tumblebooks

  • Is there a typing App Andy that can be added?

  • Reading Rainbow


  • Quizlet

  • Time for Kids

  • Scholastic News

  • SeeSaw

  • XtraMath

  • Sum Dog

  • Third Grade Learning Games (has an owl on the icon) by Kevin Bradford LLC

  • Reading Comprehension Prep by Peekaboo Studios

  • ABCya

  • Pebblego

  • Math Puppy

This below site allows access to a numerous amount of resources, how to tutorials for GOOGLE and some great blogs to check out as resource tools. Enjoy exploring and checking it out. Updates will be made monthly.

Questions, concerns or have a fun idea to share with everyone? Email Ashley Gonzalez