"Supreme overlord of Thebes, who should be obeyed by all"

My Bio

Dwelling in the city if Thebes. Currently the ruler of Thebes and struggling with the continued fledgling disobedience of several of my people. I'm starting to think that I have made a mistake, but will stand rigid. I may seem like a harsh ruler, but I only want the best for my city and will not allow my authority to be questioned.


Someone has given Polynieces last rites. If my sentries do not find the man responsible, then they shall be held accountable and put to death for betraying their duty for money.


The Traitor has been found and, so, my sentries save their necks. It is Antigone who has broken my edict and, as promised, shall be executed. Her attitude and insults has infuriated me and, instead of being stoned, she shall be imprisoned until she dies.


Father I do not mean to be disrespectful, but perhaps you are being too harsh. There are many in the city who share the same thoughts as Antigone. Maybe you should listen to what they say. What you are doing is not justice, for there are many things occurring that declare the opposite.


My mind shall not be changed. I owe it to myself to see that the law that I issued be followed. When it is broken, it's my responsibility to see those responsible punished. My pride could not withstand setting free a traitor who killed her own, noble brother.


Careful, Creon for you play a dangerous game. I have just come from attempting to pray at the Gods' altar and what I saw horrified me. Carrion birds carrying flesh all over the city and the Gods not responding to prayers. Give up your pride and set free Antigone or we shall, all of us, be cursed.