Mr. Henshaw Room#345

Why would he vomit?

In the right side of your brain, there is a 'vomiting center'. Your stomach, bloodstream, intestines, ears, and brain can all trigger this center. The human body can recognize the amount of alcohol it intakes. Therefore, if your body gets to the point when it has absorbed all of the alcohol it will take measures to expel the offending substance in an endeavor to get rid of whatever may harm your body, which leads to vomiting.

Why would there be blood?

Since vomiting is such a forceful act, it may cause tears in the esophagus or stomach.

Which would make there be blood in the vomit. That is most likely the case if he only had small streaks of blood in it. However, if Mr. Henshaw had an alarming amount of blood, then he may have alcohol poisoning.