Veronesi's Staff Update

November 2014

Applying New Learning from Tech Camp

In the name of engaging and effective communication, I am using a flyer format from "" which I learned at Tech Camp. I probably write too much in my updates anyway, I mean you practically have to take a sabbatical to have time to read them. Here is my attempt at engaging brevity. Tech Camp gave us all a glimpse at a different kind of shared learning and one that I hope has set a new normal for professional development in our district. As an administrative team we are looking forward to working together to create opportunities that will allow for choice, collaboration and application. Please share your feedback on the low-tech option (poster paper) at your building this week and if you have more specific information or questions please email Dr. Berry. I hope you have been able to continue the good work that began on Tuesday. The link below to the Guskey article on evaluating PD might be of interest to you consider as we continue to plan high level PD.

Our Work Together

At our ADCO meeting on Friday our administrative team covered several topics in the afternoon and spent the morning in professional development focused on our teacher evaluation plan. Whenever we work together we mutually consider the needs of our team as well as what your needs are relative to the topic at hand. We understand the challenges inherent in our daily work and as the group who is leading new endeavors in evaluation, curriculum, and safety and security (to name a few) we are trying to "stay out in front" as much as possible in order to better guide you and your work. Similar to you, we are not always able to dedicate as much time as we need in order to do this really well. Sometimes, we feel that we are learning information just after we needed to know it! Please continue working together and supporting each other, and communicating with us as we strive to provide the best learning environment for adults and children alike.

Seniors Come Back to School

Brewster School hosted our second outreach to senior citizens in Durham and Middlefield last month. Seniors participated in classroom visits to observe the integration of technology in teaching and learning. They ate with kindergarten students and enjoyed a lovely luncheon prepared by our talented food service staff.


We will be sending parents a link to a survey in order to gain information on their perspective on our communication regarding student learning, available resources and safety. Once we have received and reviewed the responses from the parent survey, I will share it with you. You current attention to sharing timely information on student learning and available resources is appreciated. We will work together once we review the survey data to determine if there are improvements in our message or messaging that we can make collectively. The administrative team has taken the first steps in planning for school-based Facebook pages as a communication vehicle for enhanced school/parent connection.