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Even though a person may revive a salary each month, sometimes, ones payday is simply too far away. This is why one needs a faster kind of loan so that he can get financial aid as soon as he needs out without going through any complicated procedures. Payday text loans are probably the most useful things right now. With them, a person is able to get a loan by simply sending a text message. There is no other method that is easier than this when it comes to obtaining monetary help.

With txt payday loan, one can get £100 to £300 and repay it in a period of one week. This kind of loan is useful for anyone who wants to obtain a small amount of money just for the time being. This is so that he would neither have to resort to borrowing from friends or spend a large amount of time and effort in obtaining loans from banks. Such advances are easy to get and one can get them in no time at all.

Even if a borrower has bad credit, he would get approval for payday text loans as credit checks are not done. One can avoid any sending of documents, and he does not even have to provide any collateral. Interest rates are high in some cases but reasonable rates can also be availed. These advances are fast and instead of meeting with lenders and waiting for ages for ones loan to be approved, one can send a text and the loan is received at once.

The eligibility criteria for text payday loan uk are that one should be over 18 years of age and he should be a UK citizen. H should possess a mobile phone, email address and bank account for all kinds of financial transactions and processes to take place smoothly. A borrower is also required to have a job and a regular salary as these are payday loans.

One can apply for payday text loans by registering their phone number with the lenders of their choice. This is done by filling in a form and providing required details such as ones name, age, and address and so on. When he has been registered, he would be sent an email stating this along with a PIN number. Then he can get the loan amount he needs at once. All he has to do every time he needs a loan is to send a text to his lenders stating the amount he needs.


Payday text loans are provided for those who need to borrow a small amount of money as long as they have a mobile phone. Credit checks are not done here.

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