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February 16, 2016

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Important Dates

  • February 17: Faculty Meeting
  • February 18: Oratorical Contest for 5th Graders
  • February 29: PLT Meeting
  • March 8: K & 1 APTT 1/2 day Planning
  • March 9: 2 & 3 APTT 1/2 day Planning
  • March 10: 4 & 5 APTT 1/2 day Planning
  • March 11: Early Release (Parent Conferences)
  • March 11-13: Midway Mountain Retreat
  • March 15, 16, & 17: APTT Night #3
  • March 30: Faculty Meeting

We will have RTI on Wednesday, February 17th....No Olweus this week.

From Daisy's Desk

Spring is for Title I planning! Looking forward to 2016-2017, we are in a unique situation as Brandywine opens and is taking many of Midway's families. That being said, we must still adhere to Title I compliance procedures. Our requirements say that parents and staff must play an active role in staff development, spending, and parent engagement/parent capacity building.

After APTT 3, Daisy will be reaching out to staff, parents, and community to revise plans, procedures, and budget for next school year. Please do your part and be generous with feedback as it is so valuable to implementing a meaningful Title I program.

In Reflection of DCD...

I hope you found this morning's session helpful! What are your next steps to differentiating in your classroom? Do you know how effective your differentiation strategies are?

We don't know what reality looks like until we see it. Contact me about next steps for seeing your impact on students' learning!

The first grade level or group to all use Swivl & debrief with me will earn a free lunch!

Professional Learning Opportunity for All Classroom Teachers of ELs: 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Teach ELs

On March 3 Ms. Bethany Boswell, ESOL Teacher at Lakeside Middle, will present her hour long session on “50 Simple Things” teachers can do in the mainstream classroom to assist ELs. She will share low-prep/no-prep instructional strategies with participants that can be used in a moment’s notice to scaffold lessons and engage your ELs. This session is open to ALL teachers grades K-12, but it is specifically focused on mainstream classroom teachers. However, new ESOL teachers may also find this session beneficial. Participants will also receive multiple instructional resources as part of the session. Please share this with your teachers, particularly those teachers of ELs who are not ESOL endorsed who may be seeking easy strategies to implement. Ms. Boswell has presented this session both locally and nationally and receives rave reviews on its effectiveness and ease of implementation. The session will be held March 3 from 4:00-5:00 pm in room 380. To sign up, please click HERE and complete the short registration form. (Jamie Rife)

Lollipop Moments

~Congratulations to Jan Munroe! Midway is very fortunate to have such a dedicated leader to continue our journey!

~Thank you to Lisa Burks, Margaret Cole, Liz Ralston, and Carol Davis for preparing and facilitating a very engaging DCD session for support teachers this morning!

- - We are ONE Midway! - -