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#ThomsonRocks Week of: December 2, 2018

Important Information for You!

We are now three weeks away from Christmas vacation. Please continue to be mindful or maintaining routines along with having holiday fun. Also, don't forget that I will be attending the MEMSPA Conference Wednesday through Friday in Traverse City. While I am away, Amy Chorley will continue to act as our Head Teacher and additionally, retired Davison Elementary Principal, Ron Adam will be covering Central and Thomson to assist as needed.

Cool to Care!

We are entering our last two days of Cool to Care! As of last Thursday, we had collected a little over 1,900 items, but I know we had a lot of items come in on Friday inching us closer to our goal of 3,600 items. Please make it a point to encourage your students on these last two days to bring in any last minute items. All of our Cool to Care items will be picked up Wednesday morning. Also, please be sure to update the Google Doc that Anna Wojo sent out with your final tally.

I also wanted to take a minute to say 'thank you for your generosity'! Our special jean day last week raised $505! $250 will go to Cool to Care and $255 will go to purchased the last gifts on the tree and purchase grocery gift cards for our two holiday families. Again, thank you for giving!

Michigan Model & Health

With Mr. Harper’s retirement last spring, Dave Beamer is now the administrator in charge of PE, Michigan Model and Health. After spending time with Lance and Judy Fridline from the ISD Dave believes that we have the updated MMH binders and lessons but may just need to add from the link below. Please take a moment to go online and ensure that you have all of the materials for your grade level.,5885,7-339-73971_4911_4912-386404--,00.html

In addition, Dave is working to make arrangements for training of new teachers and a possible refresher for those veteran teachers who were trained a while back or who have changed grade levels. I will let you know as I learn more.

Third Grade Reading Law

For last week's PEP Parent Program I put together a flyer for families regarding the Third Grade Reading Law. Although, there wasn't a lot of participation by elementary parents, I wanted to share the information and flyer with all staff and we will be sharing the brochure with all parents. We will be communicating this information in an upcoming building newsletter and I will also share the flyers with you as well. Although there are many unknowns about the 3rd Grade reading law, there are a few things that we really need to educate our parents on. Below is information from the brochure:

Why did the state legislature decide to address reading & what does it mean to me?

~ Michigan was 41st in the nation on the 2015 NAEP 4th grade reading test and 31st in the nation on the 2015 NAEP 8th grade reading test.

~ Michigan was one of only five states that has declined in actual performance on National assessments since 2003.

~ Any 3rd grade student that is more than a year behind on the 2019-20 State assessment is subject to retention at the end of that school year. (This means our current 2nd grade students)

What Are We Doing? Strong Tier I Curriculum for All Students

Davison Community Schools has a strong curriculum based in Balanced Literacy which includes: Read Aloud with Accountable Talk, Shared Reading, Readers' Workshop, Writer's Workshop, Interactive/Shared Writing, and Word Study

Early Intervention

All Students are given a screening assessment three times a year. Students who are showing struggles are then given more diagnostic assessments that aide in determining proper interventions and to develop an intervention plan. This may include a very specific IRIP (Individual Reading Intervention Plan) as outlined in the 3rd Grade Reading Law. Students who qualify for any intervention are then progress monitored monthly to ensure the intervention plan is working or to determine if adjustments are needed.

Parents and the Read at Home Plan

Parents play a critical role in the success of their children. Parents who have a child that is in need of an IRIP will be provided with resources to help them work their child at home. However, the best thing that ANY parent can do is read to, with, or listen to their child read. As the saying goes, "Reading 20 Minutes Before Bed Gets Your Child Ahead."

Cardinal Code Focus for the Week: General Behavior Expectations

This week please take some time to review those areas that you see are needs for your students. It is important to remember that we teach, not tell or yell...if a student is or isn't behaving a certain way, seek first to understand if possible 'why' and then teach and reteach the behavior you want! Thank you for intentionally teaching the Cardinal Code to your students.

Literacy Essential: Heading into Essential 2

Literacy Essential 2 reads in full: Read alouds of age-appropriate books and other materials, print or digital. While I know that we have explored Essential 2 during PD last year and at the beginning of this year, read alouds offer a great deal of instructional opportunity. Even as we head into the holiday season, think about all the vocabulary you can intentionally introduce your students to through the stories you read during this exciting time of year. When planning your read aloud remember the bullets below. Each will be explored in-depth over the next five weeks.

Read alouds involve:

• sets of texts, across read aloud sessions, that are thematically and conceptually related and that offer opportunities to learn that children could not yet experience independently

• modeling of appropriate fluency (accuracy, automaticity, and prosody) in reading

• child-friendly explanations of words within the text and revisiting of those words after reading using tools such as movement, props, video, photo, examples, and non-examples, and engaging children in saying the words aloud and using the words at other points in the day and over time

• higher-order discussion among children and teacher before, during, and after reading

• instructional strategies, depending on the grade level and children’s needs, that:

 develop print concepts, such as developing children’s directionality by running fingers under words and asking where to start, with texts being sufficiently visible to children that they can see specific features of print

 model application of knowledge and strategies for word recognition

 build knowledge of the structure and features of text, including, with regard to structure, key story elements and common informational text structures (compare-contrast, cause effect, problem-solution, description, and sequence), and such as, with regard to text features, tables of content, diagrams, captions, and index

 describe and model comprehension strategies, including activating prior knowledge/predicting; questioning; visualizing; monitoring and fix-up; drawing inferences; and summarizing/retelling

 describe and model strategies for ascertaining the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary from context

Quotes Worth Reading

"When it feels scary to jump, that's exactly when you jump. Otherwise you end up staying in the same place your whole life. And I can't do that."

-J.C. Chandor

"It is NOT HOW GOOD you ARE, IT is HOW GOOD you WANT to BE."


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Celebrations & Announcements

Birthdays: December 5th, Brenda Pietras...Happy Birthday to You!

Watch for a special 'Memo' this week announcing...the 10 Days of Christmas!

Classroom Teacher Help Needed:

A quick reminder that if you are sending a Watch DOG or parent volunteer to work with students in the hallway, please make sure to direct them to a table that is NOT utilized by our parapros. There have been a couple incidents in which a para has went to work at her table with students to find it occupied by parents. Thanks for your help with this!

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, December 3rd-Wojo's PTO Fundraiser Delivery Date; Board of Education Meeting, 7:00 p.m. in the High School AMR

  • Tuesday, December 4th-Cool to Care Ends; District SIP Meeting, 4:15-5:15 p.m.; K Curriculum Meeting 4:15-6:15 p.m.

  • December 5th-7th-MEMSPA Conference (Natalie)

  • Saturday, December 8th-Staff Christmas Party...Please be sure to sign up in the lounge.

  • Week of December 10th-PLC Week

  • Monday, December 10th-Santa's Secret Shop; PTO Meeting, 6:30 p.m.

  • Tuesday, December 11th-Elementary Principals Meeting (Natalie); Child Study Day; Williams Property Teacher Appreciation Night from 5:30-8:00 p.m.-Any teacher that attends will be granted 1 hour of PD, families are welcome to attend with you.

  • Wednesday, December 12th-Staff Meeting, 7:35 a.m. (Agenda: Finish MiBLISi Survey); Santa's Secret Shop; Early Release Day, Staff does not need to stay due to ALICE Training in September.

  • Thursday, December 13th-General Admin Meeting (Natalie); Handsome Harry Visits; Santa's Secret Shop

  • Friday, December 14th-Leadership Team Meeting, 7:15 a.m.; Handsome Harry Visits

  • Thursday, December 20th-CMC, 4-7 p.m.

  • Friday, December 21st-School Christmas Sing Along, 2:30 p.m. in the gym!

  • December 22nd through January 1st-Winter Vacation...Enjoy!

  • Wednesday, January 2nd-School Resumes