The Scoop for Troop #41421

Spring Events and Sign ups

In preperation for coming events & Reminders

We are all excited about the event coming up in the next 2 months.

Hope every one has receaved their Thinking Day flyer and The Girls Brain storming flyer. Please let the girls read the flyers so they will be prepaird to brain storm and have a voice in the planing proses. These meeting will take place during regular troop meeting.

Make sure you see Shane if your girl scout is doing any of these events or trips with the troop.

Permission slips and moneys are due.

April 5th - gal/ pal bowl. $8. A couple

April 12th Park, planting & pick nick

April 12th Get Moving Y Late Night $7.00

May 2 Boonshoft over night. $20

May 16th Fly up & Family Gathering at the park

May 30 - June 1st. TROOP CAMP ADVENTURE, $60.

Horse'n around and Archery are paid for, for our girls that sold over 100 boxes in initial sales or 200 by the end of sales. nothing due on this yet. More details in April.

June 16 - 21st Day Camp Stonybroop or there are other gs camps in the summer.

Details are on the web site.

Fly up / Bridging Ceremoney, who is willing to help by bringing in a salad of any sort, side dish or drinks. Please let Martha,Jenny or Shane know by March 25 so they will know how to further plan for it.

Cookie Bites

Cookies are gone except for a few Tagalongs. Try to sale them.

We have gone over our goal of 2000. Yea!!

NOW to get all of our cookie money in. Everything will be put in the computer by Thursday March 20th and given to Service Unit product sales person. So you will want to get all of your money in to Shane or Jenny be for then. Thank you Every body for a job well done.

Early Bird / Spring Registration

Early Bird is from April 1 - June 1st

Esrly Birds Get the Worm or Patch

If you plan to return to scouts as a Jr. this fall and want Martha to get you registered, pass her $8. in an envelope, put girls name and early bird on the back and cookie money will pay the rest.

Undecided about coming back? Thats ok. You can get on www.girlscoutsofwesternohio , go to ebiz at any time after June and before Oct. and get registered for $15.

We hope to have all of you back. We will be doing more exciting things. Brownies no more. Jrs explore.

world Thinking Day

Bring everything with you to the meeting that you will need to finish your display.

Ask family to bring in your foods to sample just befor 5pm. We are setting up in the media room. Ask your family to come and enjoy the celebration.