Geography in year 7 2012-2013

What have we been up too?

UK maps

During the first term with Mr.Bishop we learned about Cities and towns in the UK. Everyone had to learn what cities were in the UK and where they are. My favourite thing about this topic was doing the city guessing game where we had to guess the city.


This term we learnt about shopping and Bluewater shopping centre. there are lots of types of shop including: corner store, supermarket and shopping centre. We made a leaflet advertising our own shop in the shopping centre. I liked making up the shop. Mine was called DMC car dealership Bluewater where got to make a shop showing my favourite hobby/interest.


After shopping we learnt about weather in the UK. We designed a poster about the UK's climate. I liked doing that because i got to draw things like planes and clouds


we learned about sustainability and the three aspects of it: social, economic and environmental. we also designed a sustainable stadium which tied in with our next topic...

Geography and Sport

We learnt about how geography and sport tie in together to make a sport interesting. One of them was F1. This depends on the weather and the location to make a good race