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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Compliance Videos Due on September 30.

Please print out the certificates and give me a copy or email them as pdf's. Check out the directions if you need them at

assigning teacher numbers for copy jobs...

I am exploring the possibility of assigning teachers numbers before they can make copies on the copy machine. This isn't to monitor the number of copies everyone is making, but it would require you to come down and enter your number before it prints your job from your computer. This helps with the you-send-your-print-job-to-the-copier-and-someone-else-is-copying-and-it-gets-lost-in-their-copy-job. If you have strong feelings one was or the other, let me know!

Professional Goals due on September 15!

Please go into Eduphoria, go to Appraise (not PDAS), make sure you are on the 'My Evaluations' tab, click on Evaluation Documents, then click on 'Documents to Complete'. Be sure you hit submit or else it will sit there and we will never get it!

club/uil fair

A committee of very smart people have planned an Academic UIL/Club fair for Friday, September 19. It will be in the MAC. Anyone who sponsors a club or coaches a UIL event will need to make a display/pamphlet to show off their club. If you have students available to be there to help promote your team, please arrange for them to be there. We will have tables set all around the periphery of the MAC for the displays.

Here is the schedule of when everyone will attend:

9:15 - 9th grade students (all teachers of these 6th grade freshman classes should attend, as well). This is right after the pep rally.

10:55 - 11:15 - 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who have B lunch (they should check in with their teachers and then the entire class comes to the fair)

12:40 - 1:00 - 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who have A lunch (they should bring their stuff with them as they will go directly to 8th period from the fair). Teachers should accompany their classes.

PLC/Curriculum meetings

I am in the process of planning out meeting dates for content area teams to meet to look at assessment data, curriculum documents, technology integration in the classroom, and all that great stuff. These meetings will take place during conference time, unless you are a team that doesn't have any conference time together and also doesn't have any coaches and then you will meet in the morning (which is just ELA, I think!). A detailed schedule is coming, just wanted to give you a heads-up!

progress reports date is this friday!

Next week marks the end of the first 3 weeks of school. We will be sending home directions for parents to check the TxConnect account for their students' latest grades. Please be sure you are following the grading guidelines and you are updating grades every Monday. Also, if you have a student who is failing your class at the first three weeks mark, you need to make email or phone contact with the parent. Keep documentation of this communication as it will be called into question when a student fails for the nine weeks!

I appreciate the bell to bell instruction!

And thus, I want to assure you that once announcements start at 10:40, there is no expectation that you continue teaching once they stop. 2nd/6th periods are from 9:10-10:40. Once the announcements are done, students can work quietly on their homework or chat until the bell rings. It's kind of like a mini homeroom.

Pep Rally Schedule!

Seriously, I have been to countless pep rallies in my forever years in LVISD, but I can't remember any better. Except the sophomore boys. They need some practice. :)

Here is the pep rally schedule for the rest of the regular season. Homecoming is the week of September 21. There are plans for a parade and maybe even a tailgate. The Homecoming dance will be immediately following the game in the HS auxiliary gym. We will need workers, so expect a sign up sheet in the next few days from the SoCo sponsors Larking and Hunter.

Friday, September 4 - 8:45 start time, grades 3, 4, 7 and 8

Friday, September 18 - 8:45 start time, grades 1, 2, 5, and 6

Friday, September 25 - still decided on start time - we would like everyone to be there, but will have to think of logistics on that...we suggest early release at 2.:)

Friday, October 9 - 8:45 start time, all of elementary

Friday, October 30 - 3:00 start time, all of middle school

fire drill feedback...

Here's what the fire marshall Chris had to say about our drill:

  • Overall awesome.
  • Lines need to be straight and quiet.
  • Students need to be no closer than 20 feet from the fire lane. You have to leave enough room for a fire truck to get in there to fight the fire. This includes the lines in front of the PAC.

Your sub plans need to be turned in by next Friday or we are coming after them!


(all emergency sub folders go to Heather Sutton)

**The following information and instructions must be made available for the substitute teacher by the regular assigned teacher:

· Detailed lesson plans

· Class roll and seating chart

· Daily routine procedures for the classroom (attendance, bell schedules, etc.)

· List of any students who follow alternative schedules or special programs along with any pertinent information regarding these students (when and where they are to report for these alternative schedules, how they get there and back, etc.)

· Emergency procedures

· Suggestions for classroom management and class control (heads up on any children who they may have a little trouble with and any children who are very helpful)

· Location of all needed materials for class

· Names of teachers in adjacent classrooms who may be of assistance to the substitute (Dept. head)

· Master Schedules

· Any duties you do before or after school

· Positive Reinforcement System (tickets)

CIP Teams - You Need to Choose One!

The Campus Improvement Plan is a super important document. The strategies found in it should be the priorities for how we spend our time and money at LVHS. There will be seven teacher teams looking at the different portions of the plan. Throughout this year, each team will spend time reviewing the existing plan, doing a needs assessment of where we are at, and then coming up with strategies that will improve our campus! Be thinking about which team you want to join:

  • Student Achievement - Robyn Statham leads (4 spots open)
  • Staff Quality, Recruitment, & Retention - Alisa Ludlum & Debbie Hansen lead (3 spots open)
  • Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment - Scottie Johnson leads (4 spots open)
  • Family & Community Involvement - Cindy Slaughter leads (4 spots open)
  • Planning and Decision Making - Andrew Larkin leads (4 spots open)
  • Learning Environment - PBIS Team
  • College and Career - Justin Walker leads (4 spots open)

We have a google doc for you to use to sign up for your team ( Please sign up by next Friday or you will be assigned!

Walkthroughs are happening!!!

In order to get in each classroom several times each nine weeks, Justin and I have officially started walkthroughs. You will be able to access the feedback through Appraise in Eduphoria. We have already seen so many good things...this is the best staff anywhere, I know it!

Happy Birth Month!

Saturday, September 5 - Heather Sutton's birthday!

Monday, September 14 - Cindy Slaughter's birthday!

Wednesday, September 16 - Steve Searle's birthday!

Tuesday, September 29 - Elisabeth Hunter's birthday!

Duty Schedule...

August 31 - September 18


Main Hallway - S. Standiford

Cafeteria - Statham

Student Drop Off - Wancho

Bus Drop Off - H. Stachowski

After School

Main Hallway - S. Garcia

Student Pickup - Larkin

Grassy Knoll - Searle

Bus Pick Up - H. Stachowski

Backups: Howard, Pruitt

September 21 - October 9


Main Hallway - Ludlum

Cafeteria - Herrera

Student Drop Off - Baugh

Bus Drop Off - H. Stachowski

After School

Main Hallway - Need volunteer to fill

Student Pickup - Saarinen

Grassy Knoll - Need volunteer to fill

Bus Pick Up - H. Stachowski

Backups: Mumme, Larkin

October 14 - October 30


Main Hallway - K. Timms

Cafeteria - S. Johnson

Student Drop Off - Hunter

Bus Drop Off - H. Stachowski

After School

Main Hallway - Stahl

Student Pickup - Mumme

Grassy Knoll - Need volunteer to fill

Bus Pick Up - H. Stachowski

Backups: B. Holt, Baugh

November 2 - November 20


Main Hallway - B. Holt

Cafeteria - Howard

Student Drop Off - Pruitt

Bus Drop Off - H. Stachowski

After School

Main Hallway - Chapman

Student Pickup - Kassell

Grassy Knoll - Kirchhoff

Bus Pick up - H. Stachowski

Backups: Hansen, Stahl

November 23 - December 16


Main Hallway - D. Smith

Cafeteria - K. Walker

Student Drop Off - Duong

Bus Drop Off - H. Stachowski

After School

Main Hallway - J. Timms

Student Pickup - Hansen

Grassy Knoll - Grant

Bus Pick Up- H. Stachowski

Backups: S. Garcia, Standiford

December 17 & 18



Main Hallway/Bus Drop Off - Math Dept

Cafeteria - English Dept

Student Drop Off/Parking Lot - Science

After School

Main Hallway/Bus Pick Up - Social Studies

Student Pick Up/Parking Lot - Electives/CTE

Grassy Knoll/Bus Pick Up - Special Ed/LOTE

* Be prepared. If you cannot attend your duty, contact a back up person to cover your duty. If you do not get your duty covered, assume students will be unattended and unsafe in your area.

** Be prompt. Morning duty begins at 7:40 am and ends at 8:10 am.

***Student drop off and pick up are in the back of the school.

***Grassy Knoll is between the PAC and the main building, standing closer to the student parking lot to be presence in both the grassy area/parking lot.