Twitter for Beginners

Come learn to Tweet or follow educators on Twitter.

Watch this video: “How to Use Twitter in the Classroom”

Using the 3 ways to use Twitter named in the video (PLN, Share learning, or Digital Citizenship), list your priorities/goals for using Twitter.

Big picture
Big picture

Rutherford County School Social Media Policies

Task 1: Create a Twitter account using your RCS email address

  1. Go to and Sign up
  2. Since this is a professional account, go ahead and use your full professional name
  3. Use your RCS email address
  4. Create a password NOT linked to your school email, or any other account
  5. Twitter gets hacked and you want to avoid hackers gaining access to any of your other accounts that may share a password.

Task 2: Develop your Profile

  1. After signing up for your account, you want to let other Twitter users know who you are—why you’re there.
  2. Keep it professional—while it is okay to mention that you are a devoted dad or a lead soloist in your church choir, remember this account is for you, the Educator.
  3. Don’t be afraid to let your personality show—profiles are intended to give a window into who you are as a professional—and as Educators we are lucky to be in positions that allow our true passions to shine.
  4. Your profile should highlight your humor, your passion—you heart!

Task 3: Follow accounts based on your Twitter goals

  1. Search for and ‘Follow’ your campus tech coach
  2. Keep in mind your goal for using Twitter—if this is for your PLN, look for folks who tweet out resources, participate in Twitterchats, are involved in their educational systems; if this is for your classroom, look for other classrooms around the world who are sharing out their learning adventures!
  3. Pick 3-4 accounts to begin following.
  4. Take a look at who they follow—read some profiles and begin making your selections, based on your goals for using Twitter.

Task 4: Hashtags #

What is a hastag? Watch this 2 min video

  • Search a hashtag and share something you found from searching that hashtag. (Twitter Cheat Sheet included in folder) #RCSLearning
  • Using a relevant hashtag, find a TwitterChat you may want to visit in the future.

Task 5: Tweet

What hashtag would you use for this session? Tweet something you learned today and add a hashtag to describe in the Tweet

Closure Activity

  1. Post your new Twitter handle on the Padlet.
  2. ‘Follow’ everyone from the class today.
  3. Direct message your tech coach and ask them to ‘follow’ you on Twitter and ask them to follow up with you about any Twitter questions you still have!
  4. Complete the PD Evaluation survey.