Diary of a wimpy kid THE UGLY TRUTH

By: Jeff Kenney

5 star rating


When Greg´s mom goes back to college a bunch of problems unravel exposing the guys in the family as if Greg needs more problems considering he and his best friend Rowley are in a temporary fight. Chores like dishes, laundry, and even waking up seem impossible for guys. Which results in a maid hired by Susan, You would think this would help but all the maid likes to do is watch TV and certainly not work. But Greg finds out about a school lock down Saturday night. Greg decides to go, Where he finds out Rowley goes too. But the teachers decide to take everybody´s phone, which worries every parent except for Greg and Rowley´s when they don´t answer calls. In conclusion everyone gets picked up except for Greg and Rowley, Which also affects Greg in the upcoming weekend when he gets sick from little sleep at the lock down. The End.

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Powerful writing

I think it is powerful that Greg and his family have to face the litterally ugly truth, when its put on the guys to do the work moms been doing all along.